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GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)

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GLA MINI-DS-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)
GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)
GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)
GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)
GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)
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GLA MINI-DS-1 Dual Stage CO2 System (Modular)
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GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage Complete Aquarium CO2 System

GLA's DS-Mini-1 CO2 system provides planted aquarium hobbyists with the essential CO2 equipment they need to grow a thriving aquascape. Our extremely reliable CO2 equipment allows you to focus on what's important, growing and enjoying your planted tank. Our GLA PRO CO2 System includes the following equipment:

  • GLA DS-Mini-1 Dual Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator (modular manifold)
  • 5lb CO2 tank, aluminum CO2 cylinder (ships empty). Configure your system with one or two 5lb cylinder tanks above.
  • Nylon seal
  • CO2 resistant aquarium tubing (10 feet)

Our GLA DS-Mini-1 CO2 regulator is built with premium components, perfectly tailored to your planted aquarium, for superior CO2 distribution. GLA DS-Mini is an unparalleled and exceptionally configurable mini dual stage CO2 regulator. We design our CO2 regulators in the USA, handcrafted with premium pneumatic components to provide a distinctly reliable and innovative solution for CO2 distribution. Our CO2 engineers build and test each regulator to order and provide lifelong customer support for each and every regulator we build. Our innovative, forward thinking CO2 technology is highly rated in the planted aquarium community. We have pushed the limits of aquarium CO2 technology, setting a new industry standard for CO2 distribution. We are dedicated to providing professional CO2 regulators and aquarium CO2 systems to the planted aquarium hobbyist and to specialized industries seeking the best CO2 equipment available.

GLA PRO-DS modular CO2 regulators have paved the way in adaptive CO2 distribution. Our innovative modular manifold allows you to add (or subtract) manifold blocks with ease, so you can expand CO2 supply, independently controlled, to multiple aquariums. Our modular CO2 regulators flawlessly and easily adapt to the expansion of your aquarium system, allowing you to use one regulator for multiple tanks, so you can save money and installation footprint. When you invest in our modular CO2 equipment, you get a single regulator that can grow with you and last for years of planted aquarium enjoyment.

  • Professional mini, compact dual stage regulator body
  • Dual stage CO2 regulator reduces source pressure in two steps to eliminate fluctuation in working pressure, as pressure drops in CO2 cylinder
  • Integrated pressure relief valve (PRV)
  • Micro precision needle valve rotates 360 degrees
  • Innovative, optimal performance 'cool touch' solenoid valve
  • Premium GLA bubble counter with check valve to protect your equipment
  • Premium quality pneumatic components
  • Dual gauge (tank volume and working pressure)
  • No end-of-tank dumps
  • Custom designed, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA
  • Handcrafted by our expert CO2 engineers for everyday life, so you can enjoy your planted aquarium without worry.
  • We are dedicated to providing unparalleled CO2 technology and setting the industry standard of CO2 distribution excellence.
  • We are confident that our GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition.
  • Installation: CGA320
  • Working Pressure: 0 - 60 PSI
  • Modular Manifold: One block manifold for single aquarium, expandable to multiple aquariums (easily add or subtract manifold blocks to provide CO2 to multiple aquariums)

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Limited Lifetime Warranty: GLA DS CO2 Regulators are covered under a limited lifetime non-transferrable warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, when used in strict compliance with Green Leaf Aquariums, LLC (GLA) recommended usages, while the goods are under the ownership and control of the original purchaser. The lifetime warranty does not guarantee that the product will perform for the lifetime of the buyer. The actual time that the product can be expected to perform is determined by the highest standard of working time for products of its kind and per the buyers usage and application. If the product is discontinued, the warranty will remain a limited period longer, and then claims will be warranted with a similar product or credit, as determined by GLA, and appropriate to the product's age and condition at time of claim. GLA does not assume any responsibility or make any warranties with respect to items which are modified, altered, abused, misused, damaged, or serviced by unauthorized personnel. The warranty is void if at any time a wrench is used on the regulator, for any purpose, other than to tighten the regulator to the CO2 cylinder. It is important to read instruction guide provided when installing product, for damage due to improper installation is not covered under the warranty, although GLA will happily provide support and service for the product at a determined repair cost.

Customer Reviews

27 reviews

  • 5

    High quality and easy to expand manifold.

    Posted by Ashad Mohammed on 28th May 2024

    Very pleased with GLA service and more-so the adaptability of this unit. I have had this system just over one year but I have a new tank. So I come to GLA to expand buy adding a manifold. After installing this system is just fantastic. GLA is the best.

  • 5

    First time CO2 user

    Posted by Haley Rael on 1st Mar 2024

    First part of this review will cover the actual setup and functionality of this, second part will be my overall experience as a first time CO2 user. This was incredibly simple and straightforward to setup and configure. The instructions had a link to a video that walks you through each step of the process which was helpful. It took less than 20 minutes to setup, and that is with me reading and rereading everything since it was my first time ever working with CO2. Bonus points that it looks really cool, I love showing it to my friends. It works very well of course, I have nothing but praise here, it was well worth the money and I am recommending this exact setup to some friends in the hobby who are intimidated by CO2 like I was. Secondly, as a person who has been in the hobby for 4 years but incredibly intimidated by everything about CO2, I am beyond grateful to have found GLA. They simplified the entire process in every way. I only had to buy 3 things for my entire setup, which were this, a diffuser and a drop checker. I was so confused on what to buy, and was able to connect to a human here via text to ask every question, which they responded to promptly and kindly. They assured me that they will guide me as needed to ensure my success. I took the leap, bought the products, and was able to set everything up properly with ease with the instruction manual and video. I am confident that if I ever have issues or questions, that they will help me in any way I need. The difference that CO2 makes in the tank with the plants was evident the next day. My rotala began to develop a beautiful red color which deepens each day. A week in, my dwarf hair-grass is popping up everywhere and spreading. Dwarf baby tears are thicker and a more vibrant green. I will always use CO2 from now on and I am so thankful for GLA for enabling me to finally take this step in my favorite hobby. Now I can spread the knowledge around to my friends and help them get going on CO2 finally too.

  • 5

    We are thrilled with this system from GLA

    Posted by Allen Law on 26th Jan 2024

    We love it, very high quality and fantastic customer support.

  • 5

    Superb quality and service.

    Posted by Jerry Smithfield on 25th Dec 2023

    Well made co2 system completing my aquascape for this year. This is one slick co2 system you will not find anywhere else. Only GLA makes them like this. I own a couple GLA regulators over the decades and they are all still in use. Cant go wrong with GLA.

  • 5

    This is a top quality co2 system.

    Posted by Albert Murphy on 12th Dec 2023

    Wonderful support from GLA and more happy to write this review. Very happy with my purchase and the support from GLA. This system was a snap to install and I want to point out how nicely made it was. Its also super compact and is rich in features I plan to utilize in the future. Well made and designed by GLA.

  • 5

    Big time value and quality from a GLA system.

    Posted by Nathan Shaw on 13th Jun 2023

    I chose this GLA system because of two reasons, features and price. The only thing this is missing is the tank pressure gauge. GLA advised how this works and its been flawless. I should say there is a 3rd reason I chose this version. I do not use a bubble counter and can fit a 5lb cylinder under my cabinet with 1" to spare. GLA systems are desinged to also work without bubble counters and its wonderful. Fits perfect, very smooth controls and simple to operate. GLA customer service was second to none.

  • 5

    Very high quality system at a great price.

    Posted by Erica Portsmouth on 6th Apr 2023

    After shopping and emailing all over we settled on the Mini DS system. We are so glad we did because we got a chance to see a few competitor systems in our LFS in Orlando. The GLA systems are much higher quality and a better bargain. It only took a few minutes to install and by the next day our tank was pearling wonderfully:)

  • 5

    Super fantastic co2 system.

    Posted by Anthony Luis III on 12th Mar 2023

    So glad I found GLA, I learned so much about co2 systems before contacting GLA. I was able to see they go back decades in the co2 game. I reached out for some final questions after weeks of reading about all the different makes and models. I decided to go with GLA and Im glad I did. This is a very good deal on the system, but you still need a co2 diffuser. I will be using a GLA reactor so I was ready to go as Im still building out this system. This mini is going to supply my 280g aquarium. I should note I added an extra manifold so I could feed two reactors. This system is built around the world famous modular manifold. Pioneered by GLA. GLA has so many high end products that others dont offer except ADA. GLA is a step above in co2 systems and especially the aquascaping tools. Oh my gosh thats a whole other review. Buy with confidence from GLA is my story, these guys are the real deal and it shows.

  • 5

    Fantastic build quality with GLA!

    Posted by Kyle McNight on 15th Jan 2023

    Loving this new dual stage co2 regulator from GLA. I have the full sized version on another tank and wanted this for our in-wall display tank in the living room. Very well made, very smooth sailing installation and its been rock steady everyday.

  • 5

    Compact CO2 regulator

    Posted by MW on 14th Nov 2022

    I am new to CO2 injection. I picked this unit for its compact designed. I opted for adding a 2nd bubbler module. I am pleased with the set up so far. Components seem very solidly made. Set up was not too tough even for a newly like me. The videos were necessary and very helpful. I had a leak, which I was able to diagnose and fix. There were lots of extra parts included in the package. I managed to lose a seal for the 2nd bubbler but the package had a couple extras. So far so good with the whole set up!

  • 5

    Great product and great service

    Posted by Audrey A Cullen on 22nd Oct 2022

    My original order never made it to my house. I went out of town and my roommate didn’t tell me until weeks later what happened. This made the claims process with UPS very drawn out. It took several months for them to finish the investigation and I still haven’t been delivered the partial refund they told me they would. In the meantime everyone I talked to at GLA was really understanding about the process and kept me informed the best they could. They very kindly offered store credit and I placed my order again. I’ve had it set up for a few weeks, and it works beautifully and smoothly. The online videos make set up so easy. Would definitely buy from here again.

  • 5

    Very nice quality stuff from GLA.

    Posted by Rebecca Morris on 17th Oct 2022

    I purchased this to replace my co2art regulator because the needle valve and solenoid were so unreliable. I was always adjusting my co2 to the point it was giving me anxiety. After a month of using GLA co2 systems its been just terrific. A breath of fresh air and I literally feel like I can breath again. My co2 is more stable now by looking at the data from my Apex controller. You will see cheaper options, but GLA is the best in the industry in co2. The service and reliability is worth every penny. Thank you GLA.

  • 5

    Quality co2 system through and through.

    Posted by Calvin Morrison on 12th Sep 2022

    Wonderful experiance with GLA. Ive been back already for other parts and could not be happier. This system is much nicer than any other system I have owned. GLA thought of everything with this compact co2 system. Its dual stage, has two working opposing piston diaphragms. The needle valve is whats super nice, you get such a smooth linear motion with your bubble counter. You can control the flow with ease and this thing is always steady in its feed. Great price too!

  • 5

    This is a superb co2 system.

    Posted by Ben Witkowski on 29th Aug 2022

    After spending the week trying to decide which system to get I decided on this. It was a little more than the Gro kit, but worth it. This one is modular. I can feed two tanks or more with this one system. GLA provides a shiny nice cylinder,tubing,check valve and seal. All you have to do is add some sort of diffuser. I opted for the GLA co2 reactor. I gotta say, all the GLA gear under my tank is nothing short of stellar. I wish I had a glass cabinet so you could see the beauty in it all. I added an additional manifold so I could feed my 2 tanks at one time and I love how its all so effortlessly working everyday. I dont do anything ever but clean my bubble counters every few weeks. GLA does a stand up job providing superior essentials. Extremely helpful every step of the way and was happy to post this review for GLA. I would have given more stars had I had the option.

  • 5

    Very nice co2 system.

    Posted by Jose Fuentes on 18th Aug 2022

    Very pleased with this co2 system. Its very precise every day and simple to use. I love its versatility being able to work on all cylinder types. Im really enjoying my GLA experience. Ive been back several times and always happy with everything.

  • 5

    Its awesome!

    Posted by Jesse McGregor on 10th Aug 2022

    Really enjoying this co2 system. I chose this kit because it was the do everything regulator. Im not sure why they dont mention it or maybe I missed it but you can use this regulator on any cylinder type. This kit comes with a 5lb cylinder but I will be getting stationed overseas soon and I will definitely be bring this with me. Only problem is in Guam I will need to use paintball or disposable. Either way this GLA kit has been amazing!

  • 5

    Excellent Compact Regulator

    Posted by Dan on 1st Jul 2022

    Very impressed with this regulator so far, extremely well made and setup was super easy. Thank you!

  • 5


    Posted by Arron Carlisle on 14th Jun 2022

    I love this system and my experience with GLA. Not only is this co2 system super nice, its well priced and feature rich which I like. Its super compact and fits just right under my 90p. Unreal how they are able to pack dual stage technology in such a small package.

  • 5

    I love this co2 system.

    Posted by Fernando Fuentes on 5th Jun 2022

    I think this is GLA's best bargain in terms of a co2 system. You get dual stage co2 regulator, modular manifolds and a beautiful new cylinder. You will need to add a co2 diffuser but thats all your going to need. Comes with easy to follow instructions and they even have videos if you need them. I did both and could not be more pleased. If your reading this and are budget conscious, this is the one!

  • 5

    We went with the best and so glad!

    Posted by Alise Wilkerson on 31st Mar 2022

    GLA is your go to for your aquascaping vitals. We ordered our co2 system and aquascaping tools from GLA and my gosh people, its a different world of quality.

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