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I just wanted to send this email to say how much appreciate you all supporting this hobby here in the US. There are few and far between aquascaping companies around and you constantly acquiring new stock, new plants, and even carry some of the coveted tropica plants! Every time I order I’m never disappointed and your shipping times are unmatched.


Being a newbie to aquascaping, I chose carefully who to order plants from and Green Leaf seemed to have most of the plants in stock and solid shipping policy. I'm in Vermont and ordered when we still had pretty cold weather. All 18 plant varieties arrived in fine condition and all plants are healthy with good root structures. I'm completely satisfied.

Nancy W

Just received my first purchase from GLA. Plants were very well packaged with insulated packing and a heat pack. The plants themselves were in excellent condition and very healthy. Their pricing is fair and they do pay close attention to the delivery location weather before shipping.

Rene V

Lilaeopsis. After dong business with others. I couldn't believe how well you took care of my order. It will still take some growth but I can see how this will fill up my tank. Others have sent me a few tiny sprigs that would probably take years.


The words thank you are not enough to convey how I truly feel. I learned about you all from a forum member who told me about your fertilizer packages. Since I am working in large volumes of water (ponds) it made sense. Your PPS Pro package...was perfect! Everything I needed and all the information laid out so even a beginner could follow it. It has made dosing ferts super easy and so cost effective. THANK YOU Now lets really talk about what made the biggest impact....Your Plants. Simply put....YOURS ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. The pictures do not do them justice. When I received my first...yes first of many...first order of plants I did not know what to expect. I had received plants from online and they always came in very small and not looking great. I know all plants have a "break in" period where they are getting acclimated to your water but when I opened your jaw hit the floor!! Everything was 3 to4 times larger than I expected....beautiful and lush and every plant was carefully wrapped and packaged in a way that there was no damage...not to a single leaf to any of the plants. I put them in their holding tanks for observation and to check for any unwanted pests (dragonfly or damsel fly nymphs) and not a single unwanted visitor was found after a few days of observation and what really blew my melt back!!! Not even with the crypts I ordered. I have since ordered over 50 plants and its like opening Christmas presents when your boxes arrive! This was longer than expected but you needed to know just how much you all have impressed me with your products and your customer service. When I had questions...Chad gave me one on one help and answered all my questions. GLA you have a life time buyer of your plants and your products. THANK YOU!


I just want to say thank you. You guys saved my plant tank. I’m new to the planted aquarium world and was either giving to much fertilizer burning the plants or not enough and yielding little to no growth. I now have your regulator and pps pro package and I got to tell you it’s off the charts!!! The regulator is fine tuned to perfection and the pps Fert method takes the guessing out of the equation. Everything is vivid green and pearling like crazy. I will never use another Fert method again. Again thank you guys for your professional advice and exceptional products.



Received my regulator in good condition and just had time today to get it in place after removing my old reg. Looks and feels like a high quality, well built, piece of equipment. I am very happy! Very easy to install and get up-and-running. With a little patience and adjusting, I can see having a very nice planted tank within the year. TY and GLAfor the service and quality of aquatic products you have available. Lifetime customer, Kevin Chinn.

P.S. GLA has my permission to post any correspondence between myself and GLA for future customer reviews. KMC.

Grace and peace,

I have been buying countless aquarium plants for many years, online and LFS.

And here is how you compare.

1. Same day shipping as ordered is unheard of
2. Best packaging by FAR
3. Best prices by a MILE
4. Portions MOST generous I have received... EVER
5. Healthiest Rotala I have EVER had...favorite plant by the way.

In closing...

JUST AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work. Well done.

Thank you kindly,


I recently ordered some fertilizer through your website. I have to thank you. In just after 4 days my plants looked better than they ever have. The ones that looked as they were on their last leg are looking so much better. Just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy I am with the product.


I bought my Co2 system and all of my ferts from you, and have been extremely happy.

I recently purchased some KNO3 and Iron. I LOVE the stickers on these bags and used them to label the containers. Would it be possible to get additional stickers for my other ferts?

Thank you in advance if this is possible.


I wanted to let you all know how impressed with my first orders of ferts and a CO2 regulator. Everything was packed very professionally. Every corner taped, all labels perfectly symetrical and very clear instructions. I order on line a lot and your company is at the top of my list for showing pride in your work and quality at all levels.

Thank you

Shawn Ragle


I have become more and more impressed with your company and want to buy from you. You run a good company.


I just want to put out a huge thank you. I cut LEDs down to 50% , just running T5 HOs at 100% and running air stone and night for a week now and all the cyano is

is just about gone. Algae growth on glass is gone too. Plants look healthy and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank you all at GLA enough. Every local fish store I’ve been to here I spread the word

of GLA. Great products and customer service. Just can’t say enough positive things.

Loyal fan and customer ,

Andrew Bane



Just wanted you to know that I received my order,and I’m very happy ! You’re system seems very good. I love the quality. You guys are my “go to “, from now on... Thanks!


Before I committed to buying a GLA system, I did tons of research to makr sure I was getting the best equipment for its price.

But even great products can have their problems once in a while. A small piece started to show problems. I emailed customer service and Marco was helpful in guiding me through the troubleshooting process. He ultimately sent me a new piece for free.

GLA not only builds quality systrms buts backs it up with great support. I am glad I have GLA supporting my passion for planted aquariums.


I’m very impressed with the customer service at GLA! A small piece broke, and I received very prompt responses from Marco, along with super helpful guidance and very quick shipment of a new piece to get things back up and running again. The customer service at GLA is superb! Thanks so much!


I’ve been keeping fish since I was 7 years old, since then, I’ve always put plants in my aquarium and tanks. Over the years I’ve lost interest in the hobby due to a lack of equipment available in my country to support my interest in planted tanks. I did some searching and found GLA, I must say, these guys are the BEST. They answered my million and one questions and guided me along the way. I am a very brand loyal person & I’ve found a brand i’ll stick to!

I have nothing bad to say about these guys, I must thank them for all their help & i’ll definitely buy from them again!


Hello Marco,

I just wanted to say thank you I received my order today and I couldn’t be more pleased about the care taken in packing my shipment and the quality and craftsmanship of the products ordered. This is the second time I have ordered from GLA although my account will only reflect this most recent order, my first experience was ordering Cal Aqua Labs 17mm Eflux and Influx filter pipes. I look forward to continuing to do business with your company and will praise both your customer service and quality products to everyone concerned with aquatics.

Larry Grenier

I should add, I’ve never had a vendor of anything help me out as good as Orlando did. GLA’s customer service is THE BEST!

Larry Grenier

I shopped forever and read reviews of equipment and service forever and ended-out getting a GLA CO2 system and I’m so glad I did. Besides the top-notch equipment I got, Orlando went way out of his way answering all my nooby questions. Way to go Orlando, great service! Thanks, Larry

Justin Revenaugh

Another fan of Orlando. Fast, knowledgeable replies to questions are something I’ve learned not to expect from 99% of online stores. Not so GLA and Orlando. They’re the local fish store I wish I had.

Sebestyen Srey

Just got the Rimless Aquarium in the mail. I have to say, the quality of the tank is spectacular ! There are no rough edges, it’s sealed very nicely (no bulging silicone). I am proud to have the GLA sticker on my tank. Thanks GLA. The tank looks amazing !


The amount of information out there in regards to aquatic plants is endless. However that same information often falls into the category of bad intel. Needless to say I believed I was on the right track of knowing which was which before I learned an ‘expensive’ lesson. This in mind: Regulators. A regulator, is not a regulator, is not a regulator. There are all kinds of differences. In the span of three months I went from a Single stage that never saw the end of a cylinder, to a dual stage that was well built but turned out to be a hassle if you didn’t know what you were doing with it (me), to finally the V3 which I found here and have come to love. It’s so amazingly simple. I don’t even have to tweak the settings, don’t even have to bother with a timer. Wake up, open up the cylinder on before work, close it up when I get home. THIS – is how the “Easy” button works. Great product!


I was trying so hard to create the perfect planted tank that I had imagined in my head but I kept running into problems what seemed like every step. I had problems with correct fertilizer dosing, CO2, circulation, you name it. Orlando has answered all the questions I’ve had and is probably the most helpful and knowledgeable person I’ve ever talked to for customer service. Thanks to his help, I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it and my plants started pearling for the first time.

Jim Natelborg

It’s been 40 years since I had an aquarium, and if not for Orlando I probably would have said forget it, it’s just too difficult. He has just been so good to me,with all my silly questions that I probably could of figured out by myself if I’d just of looked a little harder. Because of Orlando my experience with Greenleaf is just been awesome. Jimbo.


Green Leaf Aquariums is my go-to place for high-quality CO2 regulators. I’ve never used any other type of regulator on my tanks and don’t plan to any time soon. These regulators are built to last and really are the “best of the best”. The customer service that Orlando provides is AMAZING to say the least. I have never had to wait more than an hour to receive an e-mail response from him, and most of the time it only takes a matter of minutes (i swear i sometimes wonder how he even has time to think about what he’s typing!). This guy really cares about his customers and i can confidently say that i have never seen such impeccable customer service from any other company.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Order something from GLA and i promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for all that you do for the hobby, Orlando and GLA!

Dave Midgley

I placed my order er for a wide variety of plants the day the site went live and received them yesterday. Having dealt with Orlando in the past I was expecting the shipment to arrive without a hitch and representative of his typical attention to detail. Just when you think these guys can’t possibly do any better, they have once again exceeded every expectation I could have possibly had. The plants were pristine, and the packaging was nothing short of amazing. The only thing missing was a nice neat little bow on each individual package!!!

It is always a pleasure doing business with you, Orlando. Anyone who owns a business can certainly take a lesson on how to do it right from GLA.

Steven Nguyen

If you want to look for one well-build CO2 system ; GLA is the best you can get. The regulators seem to be very high price compared to the others in market , However , you get what you pay for. You cant find anywhere else with the best and excellent customer services like GLA. Orland is awesome , he is very kind and consistent in helping me to solve all the problems.

I ordered the Prime co2 with dual/manifold, the high and low pressure gauges were damaged during the transit. I contacted Orlando and received response from him less than 5 mins. He told me to ship the regulator back to his work bench and he will replace both new for me. Now i m waiting for the regulator being delivered back to me. You can’t go wrong with Orlando and GLA.

Thank you Orlando and GLA

Best regard

Steven Nguyen

Todd G

I recently purchased one of your Atomic CO2 Diffuser – 65mm and I am pleased to say this is the best investment I have made in my CO2 system. I have a 200-gallon planted Discus tank that that I made an inline DIY diffuser for as I could not find one that was rated for 200 gallons. After removing the old DIY system including an extra pump, tubing, and outlet. I’m pleased to say for the first time in 2-1/2 years I was able to regulate my PH to neutral within minutes using a much lower bubble count.

Just a side note, I run a wet/dry system that speeds up the off gassing so if you are using a canister filter your CO2 consumption will be even less.

Todd G

Hollywood, FL

Hien Vu

I am totally new on planted aquarium and was just happen to find GLA. Had lots of questions at the begining and sent an email to GLA to figuring out what I need. Orlando responsed back to my email after 2 minutes at 9:00pm and answer my non-sense questions. Just a great experience even before I buy the product. I order my Ultimate Choice CO2 System today and very please and confident about my decision even before I get my product.

Thanks Orlando and GLA



If you are looking for a CO2 system look no further. The equipment is first-rate and customer service is even better. They will not forget about you after the sale is made. I had plenty of questions after my system was set and running. Orlando and the staff were quick to respond to my e-mails and every question was answered in a courteous manner. A part was even replaced from the order without any problem at all. Their patience is much appreciated and I can’t thank them enough.

Great work GLA!


I am absolutely stunned at the exceptional quality of customer service that I have received from GLA. It is by far the best I have ever received. The website is informative and fun to read, the products are the very best, and the customer service is nothing short of miraculous. GLA is in a league of their own.


Orlando and Green Leaf’s customer service are second to none. In my process of evaluating different choices of CO2 systems for my aquarium, Orlando was the only vendor who consistently responded to my emails within a day. Even after receiving the system, questions were still answered promptly and kindly. Couple this great customer service with a product that looks good and functions flawlessly, and you have a formula for a great business. When I upgrade to a larger aquarium, I have no doubts as to where I will be going to expand my CO2 system. Thanks for the great customer experience!


It’s been a complete pleasure doing business with a company that offers such a high standard of customer service! Orlando always answers emails quickly and erases any doubt or confusion with this complex hobby and all of it’s gadgets. There are cheaper sources but you get what you pay for. Personal customer service goes a long way with me. Thank you Orlando!!

Alistair Ward

I never ordinarily leave comments, but I feel compelled in this case, due to the extraordinary experience I have had. I have bought a number of CO2 related items from Green Leaf and have been happy with everything I have received. I have had some questions and one problem, however, requiring me to contact Orlando to find a resolution. I have never before experienced a customer service as prompt, friendly and as dedicated to resolving any issues as Orlando has provided. There is no question of ever looking anywhere else for my aquarium needs. Green Leaf Aquariums comes with the highest commendation that I can give.


Coming from the retail business all i can say is wow!!! From the beginning it’s been nothing but incredible costumer service and dedication to helping those who are new to this aspect of the hobby . I ordered a Complete CO2 system and in two days it was at the door in its immaculate packaging. I could not be happier with the advice that i have received from Orlando, his patience and knowledge is second to none. I will now make sure that this site will be my avenue for all my planted tank needs, i can only see this business expanding even more!! Keep up the world class attention to detail and superb costumer service, thank you Orlando.

Continuen el trabajo maravilloso que hacen con este sitio, la atencion al cliente y la dedicacion demostrada es de primera clase. Gracias a GLA y a Orlando por tan buen trabajo con aquellos que apenas nos empapamos en este tan sano entretenimiento.

Lori Az.

I am new to the planted tank hobby, and wanted to share with everyone how absolutely impressed I am with the customer service I received from GLA. I did a lot of research on which Co2 reg. to buy, and just came away confused. I knew I wanted quality equip., and after finding GLA and talking with Orlando, I had no doubt I would be purchasing from him.

Orlando answered all of my questions through email literally within minutes. He was extremely patient, kind & knowledgeable about which Co2 system was right for my tank, and did not try and oversell me anything I did not need. I have complete confidence in the quality of my purchases, and can’t wait for them to arrive!. I will be shopping with GLA in the future. Thank you Orlando, keep up the great work!!.


I’m a beginner when I decided to go with CO2 for my live plants. A lot of research and I was still not happy with what I was finding about CO2 regulators from other aquarium sites, part brass, part plastic or what seemed to be all plastic. Somehow through my search I came across GLA. Asked lots of questions through e-mail which Orlando answered & replied as quickly as I sent them. With Orlando’s replies, he explained about each of the products, why some were better than others which helped me to narrow down to the Primo CO2 System, all brass, awesome CO2 tank. Great customer service, quality products, very fast delivery, its worth it. Set up was easy for me, a beginner in CO2 for aquarium plants. If you live in San Antonio, TX, I filled my 5lb CO2 tank at NATWEL SUPPLY, 702 Culebra, SA, TX. 78201. The sport stores just fill the small cylinders for paint ball guns.

Thanks, GLA & Orlando….


people weren’t kidding when they say that GLA has awesome service. Orlando was superb! he answered back emails faster than i can say FERTS! i got my dry fert package and shipment was secure and FAST. tell him your goals and he will give you a piece of advice that you will surely appreciate.


I just received my package of ferts. Orlando is extremely helpful and very informative. I’m really excited to start my planted tank. Thanks!


GLA is the place to go for your planted aquarium. I have bought several pieces of glassware and they are very high quality at excellent prices. I have yet to regret a purchase based on quality, or price, which is rare for me. As they have expanded what they carry, they are quickly becoming the only online retailer I need. I will most defineatly continue to come back…A LOT.

Tara H.

I have purchased from GLA multiple times and am always amazed at the quick turnaround after purchasing. Additionally, customer service is above and beyond what I’ve experienced elsewhere. As long as I have planted tanks, I’ll be buying my supplies here!


Just purchased the Primo Co2 System. Had a few initial problems getting set up. Sent Orlando an email and within 15 minutes, he called me. Got everything working! All of it is great: the customer service, the products, and all the tips!

Shipping has taken 2 days for me. (counting the day I order, so from shipping time, it is generally over night!) I do live about 4 hours away, but I still say its awesome shipping! Everything is packed perfectly!

Thanks again Orlando! You will be seeing my money again! =D


I purchased a load of Dry Fertilizer from GreenLeaf over a year ago and am still very pleased. Whenever I run out, I will definitely be back for more. Everybody I’ve turned on to GreenLeafAquariums has been incredibly pleased with their friendly and informative customer support, as well as their products.

Personally, I will never shop anywhere else for planted tank supplies.


B. Means

I’m just starting into planted aquariums as a hobby and Green Leaf Aquariums has made it a smooth ride. This is by far the best customer service of any web site I’ve ever ordered from or quite possibly any business I’ve ever delt with. I will definitly be ordering the rest of my parts from GLA. Thanks again for all the hard work guys!

John Dinh

I was in search for a new regulator since I was sick of using my JBJ regulator. I was able to find a great one at a great price from Green Leaf Aquariums. Orlando has served me the best he could and I cannot say enough of how completely satisfied I am with his customer service and products. Orlando is the guy to go to! I will definitely order from them again and will always keep in touch and see how they are doing. Thanks again!!!

P. Howe

I ordered a several different fertilizers from GLA, and all arrived in break neck speed! Orlando was also helpful in providing answers to my specific questions on pre mixing my micro fertilizers with one of the 500 mL dispenser bottles that I ordered from him.

As soon as I save up enough money, I am going to buy one of his high end regulators.

Truely, is a pleasure to do business with!

Miguel DLC

I decided to go with quality when it came to providing my tanks with CO2 and purchasing my equipment. Therefore, I purchased from Green Leaf Aquariums. What made it even a better experience for me was the customer service I received in trying to make my decision. I spoke with two different gentlemen when i called and both provided me with useful and honest information. After I received my CO2 equipment and found how easy the set was, I had a few question regarding the changes my tank was going through and once again the customer service was outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for aquarium equipment. Customer service goes a long way in my book and Green Leaf Aquarium knows how to treat customers as individuals. Kudos to you guys. keep up the great relationships you develop with people all over the USA.


Miguel DLC

Baltimore, MD

Nick H.

Very nice drop checker and easy to use. Also shipping was lightning fast! I’ll definitely spend more money here with these guys.


Nick H.

Victor Blanco

I recommend Green Leaf, the customer support is fast and sell quality products at good prices.

Yo recomiendo Green Leaf, el soporte me atendió de maravilla y rápido, ademas de que venden productos de muy buena calidad a buenos precios.

Victor Blanco


Christopher K. Brown

GLA makes for the best possible value for money when it comes to high-tech planted aquarium supplies.

And as for the genius behind GLA, Orlando is the best when it comes to sales, service and even resolution of problems and certainly advice. Orlando will be at the top of my list for my supplies as they run out of them and certainly as I expand my interests.

Thanks for everything, Orlando!

Christopher K. Brown

Austin, TX

Matt Helgeson

This company has great customer service, good ethics, and wants to SERVE the planted tank community! As we all know, this is hard to find…they are few and far between. I’ve had too many bad experiences with other companies, but GLA processes and mails all my orders the NEXT DAY! What a pleasure to do business here. And the news of new products (starphire tanks) has made my day!


Dan Kirby

Fantastic deal on the ferts, very well packaged, and the shipping couldn’t have been any faster, especially considering the time of the year! A great value, I will do business with you again!

Thank you,

Dan Kirby


Outstanding Sales Support, Fast reliable Shipping, Content packaging securely packaged against damage. I ordered the Cal Aqua Dbl. oracle, even though I am old school and still do the math, The Drop checker is well designed and Aesthetically sound for any type of Planted set up.

Could not for the sake of me get the solution in the darn thing, picked up the phone, Orlando walked me right through it, See you can teach an old dog, new tricks. Even got to chat about other Aquatic happenings, A++ for making my purchase an enjoyable one.

Thanks Again Orlando for making feel good about buying from you.


Nazareth, PA

The Old Man

Orlando was a great help in picking out a C02 system to fill my needs. Ordered on a thursday and arrived on saturday. Everything was well packaged and will be setting it up this coming weekend. Best online service I have ever received from anyone on anything.

Adam G.

Green Leaf is the absolute best! Not only do they have a great selection for those in the hobby, they have the best shipping and customer support I have ever encountered. I have called many a time and gotten great information. I purchase from them whenever possible. Thanks so much!

Steve DeCesare

I was in the market for co2 equipment when i came across GLA. I was immediately drawn to simplistic and well designed website, and the great selection of products. I placed my order and in 2 days i had my equipment sitting at my door in the morning!

Orlando is really quite exceptional with dealing any problems you may encounter and provides service and help beyond anything i have ever seen! He even took the time to build me a custom dual manifold so i can run two solenoids so i can send co2 to two planted tanks using ph controllers..and fast! I highly recommend dealing with Orlando and GLA not only for their selection of high quality great products, but also for the service you receive during and after your purchase.

Stevie D

Cambridge, Ma

Received my regulator today. Just wanted to commend your company on the excellent, easy to follow set-up instructions that made it a breeze to get this operating quickly.

I could tell right away that this is a substantial upgrade in quality from the flaky Milwaukee Instruments regulator I'd been using previously. The solenoid LED is a great idea and I will be looking into one of your Atomic Diffusers soon.

Andrew H.

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