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We only source the finest, top quality minerals & nutrients. Plant defficiencies shouldn't consume the attention of your planted tank, keep your plants healthy and happy so the aquascape you envision becomes a reality.

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we are serious about being stellar

As an industry leader in the planted aquarium hobby for over a decade, we have taken every customer comment, email, message, phone call, chat, and feedback to heart. We have tailored our business, product collection, and customer service to meet & exceed your highest expectations.

We are serious about good business, excellent customer support, logistics, and fast & accurate order processing.

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    Enjoy free shipping on your purchase of $125+, everyday, 365 days per year! You like it, so we keep it going to make you happy!
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    Orders ship within 24 hours, the same or next business day! Custom CO2 orders take a bit longer, 1-3 business days, because we build to spec and test to perfection before shipment.
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    Over a decade in the industry, we have perfected our operations, and with customer feedback we constantly seek to improve and perfect in anyway possible. We don't like to inconvenience our customers with mistakes or inefficiency, so we work really hard to get your order out fast and perfect. Give us feedback!
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    We are passionate and experienced in everything planted tank. We have been growing aquascapes for years and have learned from all our tank experiences, we are here to share that knowledge with you. Our expert selected & custom built product collection will give your planted aquarium the best foundation for success. Ask us anything


The GLA 3X series CO2 regulators are one of a kind, there is no match in the entire world! Our 3X series manifold, allows the user to add manifold blocks with ease, and expand CO2 supply to up to 15 aquariums with three independently controlled solenoids.

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What our customers are saying!

'quality at all levels'

'I wanted to let you all know how impressed with my first orders of ferts and a CO2 regulator. Everything was packed very professionally. Every corner taped, all labels perfectly symetrical and very clear instructions. I order on line a lot and your company is at the top of my list for showing pride in your work and quality at all levels.'

'I’m just starting into planted aquariums as a hobby and Green Leaf Aquariums has made it a smooth ride. This is by far the best customer service of any web site I’ve ever ordered from or quite possibly any business I’ve ever delt with. I will definitly be ordering the rest of my parts from GLA. Thanks again for all the hard work guys!'

'these guys are the best'

'I’ve been keeping fish since I was 7 years old, since then, I’ve always put plants in my aquarium and tanks. Over the years I’ve lost interest in the hobby due to a lack of equipment available in my country to support my interest in planted tanks. I did some searching and found GLA, I must say, these guys are the BEST. They answered my million and one questions and guided me along the way. I am a very brand loyal person & I’ve found a brand i’ll stick to!

I have nothing bad to say about these guys, I must thank them for all their help & i’ll definitely buy from them again!'

'you run a good company'

'I have become more and more impressed with your company and want to buy from you. You run a good company.'

'Just wanted you to know that I received my order,and I’m very happy ! You’re system seems very good. I love the quality. You guys are my “go to “, from now on... Thanks!'

'I should add, I’ve never had a vendor of anything help me out as good as GLA did. GLA’s customer service is THE BEST!'

'GLA answered all my questions'

'I was trying so hard to create the perfect planted tank that I had imagined in my head but I kept running into problems what seemed like every step. I had problems with correct fertilizer dosing, CO2, circulation, you name it. GLA has answered all the questions I’ve had and is probably the most helpful and knowledgeable person I’ve ever talked to for customer service. Thanks to his help, I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it and my plants started pearling for the first time.'

'you guys saved my planted tank'

'I just want to say thank you. You guys saved my plant tank. I’m new to the planted aquarium world and was either giving to much fertilizer burning the plants or not enough and yielding little to no growth. I now have your regulator and pps pro package and I got to tell you it’s off the charts!!! The regulator is fine tuned to perfection and the pps Fert method takes the guessing out of the equation. Everything is vivid green and pearling like crazy. I will never use another Fert method again. Again thank you guys for your professional advice and exceptional products.'

'GLA is awesome'

'If you want to look for one well-build CO2 system ; GLA is the best you can get. The regulators seem to be very high price compared to the others in market , However , you get what you pay for. You cant find anywhere else with the best and excellent customer services like GLA. GLA is awesome , he is very kind and consistent in helping me to solve all the problems.'

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GLA LAB CERTIFIED 4°KH GLA makes the highest quality lab certified 4 dKH. For use in a CO2 drop checker as a CO2 level indicator fluid; when combined with pH reagent, the solution color will change from blue to green when optimal CO2 of 30p…
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