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Bucephalandra: Coveted and Captivating Petite Epiphytes for Nature Aquarium

Bucephalandra aquarium plants, also commonly referred to as Buce plants, originate from the genus of plants native to Borneo, the largest island in Asia. In their natural habitat, they are found growing as dense mats in waters with strong currents, attached to rocks/stones in flood zones or rainforest streams and rivers. Highly coveted and absolutely rewarding nature aquarium plants, Buce are known for their petite size and their distinctive robust arrow shaped or rounded leaves presente …
15th Oct 2021

Anubias: Hardy and Versatile Aquarium Plant for Every Aquascape

Anubias (family: Araceae) is an undemanding, easy plant and often one of the best suited plants for beginner aquascapes or tanks with unique conditions or specific aquatic life. Like other epiphytes, Anubias in your planted aquarium thrives tied to rock, wood or hardscape. It can also be planted in your soil substrate with it's rhizome exposed. It can be grown either submersed or emersed, and is even suitable for bare surface tanks. Anubias also makes an excellent choice for palud …
22nd Sep 2021

Alternanthera: Colorful Aquarium Stem Plants

Alternanthera is a genus of colorful stem plants native to South and Central Americas. They are in the family Amaranthaceae and make a stunning and adaptable stem plant, perfect for aquarium hobbyists of all skill levels. Ranging from deep glossy green to brilliant red, pink, purple or crimson, their leaves are generally spear shaped, but vary by variety. Alternanthera is a fabulous choice to add variety and contrast to your aquascape. These tall growing stems are best planted in the m …
16th Sep 2021

How to: GLA Aquarium CO2 Regulator Installation Videos

How to Install: GLA GRO Aquarium CO2 Regulator How to Install: GLA PRO-DS (Modular) Aquarium CO2 Regulator How to Assemble & Install: GLA DS-Mini (Modular) Aquarium CO2 RegulatorHow to Install: GLA Modular Manifold Blocks on your GLA Aquarium CO2 Regulator For more CO2 installation and maintenance videos check out our GLA YouTube Channel Expert advice to keep your aquarium CO2 Regulator operating properly when it's time for a CO2 refill: Don’t just remove your …
2nd Jul 2021

GLA Promotions: Free Shipping on Purchases $125 to USA and GLA Coupons

Free Shipping Terms We have made it super easy to get free shipping on your purchase of $125 or more, simply select FREE SHIPPING as the shipping method during checkout, no coupon required! Free shipping valid for standard shipping method only, does not apply to alternate or expedited shipping methods. Free shipping valid on orders shipping to the continental USA only. Free shipping valid on minimum order subtotal before taxes of $125 or more. Free shipping is not valid for orders c …
1st Jul 2021

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