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Green Leaf Aquariums is a leading planted aquarium brand with 20 years industry expertise in: professional lifetime aquarium CO2 systems, the finest quality aquarium plant fertilizers, thriving aquarium plants & tissue cultures, and specializing in custom hardscape design

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Aquarium Gravel And Substrate Cleaner (Microbe Lift)

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Microbe Lift Aquarium Gravel And Substrate Cleaner

  • designed for salt and freshwater aquariums
  • scientifically developed and tested to remove sludge and muck buildup in aquarium gravel with minimal disturbance to aquarium conditions; eliminating risk of harmful gaseous compounds released by organic accumulation on aquarium bottom
  • accelerates biological breakdown of organic waste that is toxic to fish and aquascape
  • reduces and binds excess nutrients, including phosphates that cause algae growth
  • clarifies dirty aquarium water
  • natural, non caustic, organic and microbial based; laboratory formulated to clean gravel 80% faster than other products
  • rich in natural cellulosic matter, biological accelerators and sludge reducing microbes, bacteria, enzymes

How to use Gavel Cleaner

  • This product is black in color and may tint your aquarium water slightly. Do not be concerned. The active ingredient is a natural product and will help clarify the water as well as digest organics in the aquarium; will discolor your aquarium water for 48-96 hours after application.
  • Substrate Cleaning dosage - For substrate which has 1/4″ or more of solids build up, apply 2 tsp. (10 mL.) per 10 gal. (38L.) of tank water
  • Use as directed every other week until substrate is clean then follow Substrate Maintenance dosage schedule below
  • Substrate Maintenance - For substrate with less than 1/4″ or more of solids build up, apply 1 tsp. (5 mL.) per 10 gal. (38 L.) of tank water.
  • Use as directed monthly. If build up exceeds 1/4″ follow Substrate Cleaning dosage above.

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