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Green Leaf Aquariums is a leading planted aquarium brand with 20 years industry expertise in: professional lifetime aquarium CO2 systems, the finest quality aquarium plant fertilizers, thriving aquarium plants & tissue cultures, and specializing in custom hardscape design

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Cal Aqua Labs Substrex - Aquarium Substrate Clarifier

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Cal Aqua Labs Substrex - Aquarium Substrate Clarifier

The Cal Aqua Labs Substrex, is a long term substrate additive that improves the clarity of your planted aquarium, and reduces any clouding of aquarium water caused by general aquascaping and maintenance.

  • works to improve water clarity during aquascaping
  • provides nutrients for aquarium plants while reducing need for maintenance of aquarium tank
  • helps to extend the longevity of aquarium substrate and improve soil fertility
  • once it contacts with water, a gel matric is formed that binds particulates and nutrients in the soil. nutrients can be used by plants as soil ages and as needed for nutrition
  • 200mL container size

How to use Substrex

evenly distribute 1 spoonful / per square foot (30cmx30cm) (spoon included) below aquarium substrate.

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  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Bill Devos on 2nd Mar 2020

    I ordered this along with Cal Aqua Labs other additive and so far its been really nice. I use Seachem flourite and wanted a nutrient base to my substrate system. Its been a few months and I find I actually dose less fertilizer than I did with my previous tank. I leave town for work quite often and this system has been a life saver. I dont rely on my wife to dose my tank and everything seems well and stable. Really enjoying Cal Aqua Labs Multi_r and Substrex.

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