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Green Leaf Aquariums is a leading planted aquarium brand with 20 years industry expertise in: professional lifetime aquarium CO2 systems, the finest quality aquarium plant fertilizers, thriving aquarium plants & tissue cultures, and specializing in custom hardscape design

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Amazon Black & Softwater Aquarium Conditioner (Microbe Lift)

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Microbe Lift Amazon Black and Softwater Aquarium Conditioner

  • uniquely formulated to reproduce the soil rich waters of the Amazon rainforest
  • rich in natural humic and tannic acids, peat extracts, and chelated iron; peat absorbs carbonates and acidifies aquarium water
  • provides essential minerals for lush plant growth and ideal fish spawning
  • specially formulated for: angelfish, barbs, discus, goramis, tetras, and other soft water fish


  • Peat, Tannins, Natural Humic Acid, Fulvic acid, Chelated iron
  • Made with de-ionized/UV sterilized water and pH buffer

How to use Amazon Black Conditioner

  • Add two capfuls (10 mL) per 10 gals. (38 L) of tank water weekly.
  • For very hard water double the dosage.
  • Add monthly and with all water changes.
  • if you use R/O water in your aquarium, it's recommended to also use the microbe lift r/o water conditioner prior to adding the amazon black liquid.
  • product may tint your aquarium water to a light tea color (yellow-tan), similar to tropical water conditions; Discus prefer darker water coloration

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