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Microbe Lift

Microbe Lift - Bacterial Aquarium Balancer - 16oz


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Introduces millions of beneficial bacteria into your aquarium ecosystem. The beneficial bacteria work to reduce organic waste on ornaments, gravel and filter systems.

Odor Free


The bacteria is natural, non-pathogenic and will reduce the organic waste that fish release.

  • Prevents “new tank syndrome”
  • Helps to eliminate ammonia and nitrate
  • Provides rapid reduction of organic waste
  • Helps to clean power filters, ornaments and gravel
  • Helps to reduce fish loss

When adding new species to your aquarium always follow standard guidelines for the concentration of NH3 and NO2. The presence of ammonia and/or nitrates indicates tank over-crowding.


  • Start Up Aquariums: First use MICROBE-LIFT/Dechlorinator + to remove chlorines and chloramines that may be present in the water.
  • New Tanks:
    • For the next 3 weeks add 1 tsp. of MICROBE-LIFT/Bacterial Aquarium Balancer for every 20 gal. (76 L.) of aquarium water.
    • Then follow the directions for established aquariums below.
  • Established Aquariums:
    • Add 1 tsp. (5 mL.) of MICROBE-LIFT/Bacterial Aquarium Balancer per 10 gal. (38 L.) of water every month and after any water changes.
    • You should also add the MICROBE-LIFT/Bacterial Aquarium Balancer after cleaning filters, changing filters or 48 hours after adding medications.
  • Note: Saltwater slows down bacteria action. For faster results add 25%-50% more product.

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