GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)

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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 100cm tank)
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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Jet Filter

  • Designed for up to 100cm nature aquarium tank
  • Experience GLA's Infinite Nature aquarium canister filter, solid stainless steel professional aquarium canister filter with strong suction, adjustable water speed and high filtration capacity/capability for freshwater planted aquariums.
  • Modern, innovative design encourages richly oxygenated water to activate colonization of beneficial bacteria and promote biological filtration.
  • External pump design reduces internal heat transfer and protect beneficial bacteria for improved biological filtration.
  • Heavy duty and super silent aquarium pump design
  • Handcrafted stainless steel perfection for everyday life, designed to last.
  • Elite performance and distinct elegance, exquisitely built to last and never look back.


  • Series: GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity / Filtration Volume: 10L
  • Compatible Aquarium Length Recommendation: up to 100cm tank
  • External Size: 18 x 54cm (includes pump height)
  • Diameter: 18cm
  • Canister Height (without lid cover and pump): 40cm
  • Height with Pump: 54cm
  • Inlet / Inflow: 16/22mm hose size (single inlet)
  • Outlet / Outflow: 16/22mm hose size (single outlet)
  • Included Pump: DC Pump 24V, 4-25W
  • Power Input: AC100 – 240V
  • Flow Rate: 100 - 2500L/H, max 42L/min (adjustable flow)
  • Maximum Pump Head (Hmax): 3.2m
  • Operation Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Operation Noise: Super Silent Design Pump
  • for Freshwater Aquariums use only

Contents Included in Box

  • Stainless Canister, includes: Canister O-ring and seat, welded buckles, and welded inflow opening
  • Stainless Canister Top Panel/Plate (lid), includes: DC pump head with attachment accessories, and welded outflow opening
  • Hose bands/clips
  • Filtration hose for inflow and outflow - single 3m length section included
  • Stainless upper and lower strainer inserts for canister
  • (inflow and outflow filter pipes are not included)
  • (filtration media is not included)
    Infinite Nature Filter SS/5L   Infinite Nature Filter SS/10L   Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L   Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L
Material   Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel
Capacity   5L   10L   15L   22L
Aquarium Length   up to 60cm   up to 100cm   up to 120cm   up to 200cm
Diameter   16cm   18cm   22cm   26cm
Total Height   40cm   54cm   54cm   54cm
Inflow   16/22mm   16/22mm   16/22mm   16/22mm
Inlet   Single Inlet   Single Inlet   Single Inlet   Double Inlet
Outflow   12/16mm or 16/22mm   12/16mm or 16/22mm   12/16mm or 16/22mm   12/16mm or 16/22mm
Pump   DC 24V, 4-18W   DC 24V, 4-25W    DC 24V, 4-25W   DC 24V, 4-40W
Flow Rate   1500L/h adjustable   2500L/h adjustable    2500L/h adjustable   4000L/h adjustable
Hmax   2.9m    3.2m    3.2m   3.5m
Frequency   50/60Hz   50/60Hz   50/60Hz   50/60Hz
Noise   Super Silent   Super Silent   Super Silent   Super Silent


Limited Warranty: The limited warranty period of two (2) years commences on the original purchase date and covers material and workmanship defects of the canister filter or failure of the pump to operate during the duration of the limited warranty period. The limited warranty does not cover failure or problems related to: improper installation or improper use, modification, unauthorized repairs, normal wear and tear, failure to follow safety, care and maintenance instructions, improper treatment or handling, product misuse, damages to the pump resulting from improper use, water damages or dry operation. Customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty claims. A warranty repair or replacement of parts will be authorized per GLA discretion and does not extend or renew the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

8 reviews

  • 5

    This thing is a behemoth

    Posted by Matthew Bybee on 13th Oct 2022

    I have yet to set this puppy up but I'm already impressed. It has everything I want in quite literally ANYTHING. - Modular - Simple The pump is 100% detachable allowing easy repair. There's zero water bypass. And compared to the Oase Biomaster of equal cost, has a whole half gallon of filter space more. The only downside was the packaging being glued to the point of being childproofed, which wasn't that big of a deal.

  • 5

    I love this filter.

    Posted by Rick Scott on 30th Sep 2022

    Its beautiful and keeps my tank spotless. By recommendation from GLA I used only ceramic media in the big filter bag they provide. My tank has never looked so clean. What I mean is the tiny small particles you see in the water with traditional canister filters. I feel this works as good as the sump on my reef tank. I never could get the tank super clear and after going to last years AGA venue I leanred that most filters do not filter 100%. Its because they use baskets, so its not 100% filtered water because they have water that bypasses the baskets, and its a lot. Ie had this filter 9 months now and my water is ultra clear. This pump is variable speed, so I do not use it at 100%. I use it at 50% and its just amazingly powerful. The only thing I think GLA should consider making is a foam pad and some type of carry handle device. When full, its super heavy. Make sure to carry it like a baby, not by the pump assembly like I did. Awesome filter guys!

  • 5

    Excellent upgrade.

    Posted by Gregory M Rodriguez on 16th Jul 2022

    Upgraded from an Oase to this beast and more than pleased. Much more power, 10x the media capability. My wife even loves it!

  • 5

    Exceptional quality canister filter.

    Posted by Allison Davis on 29th Nov 2021

    Where do I even begin? I’m absolutely speechless when we opened the box. The filter is leaps and bounds my Oase filter. I liked the modular aspect of the Oase but I feel it severely lacks in flow and media capability. This filter is dead silent and has an extremely powerful pump. Thank god it has a controller. I love everything about it and it compliments my GLA co2 system like family.

  • 5

    Nature aquarium filter for aquascapers.

    Posted by Justin S. on 19th Nov 2021

    GLA filters are true to nature aquarium filtration. It’s all business and no fluff. Absolutely unmatched media capacity to start. Beautifully made and setup was very easy. Provided instructions was easy to follow. Pump flow is adjustable and at full power is just impressive. I absolutely love ❤️ this filter system.

  • 5

    Outstanding aquarium filtration for any aquascape.

    Posted by Gunther Annil on 9th Nov 2021

    Very pleased would be underestimated. Extremely well built and most importantly this is the most beautiful nature aquarium filter. You will need massive amounts of media, nothing in comparison to the plastic basket filters. These canisters pack media like the plastic classic Eheim filters, you will need loads of biological media and carbon. I saw that prior to ordering here, I wanted to post photos of my aquascape but for some reason it does not allow attachments. This filter is top of the food chain in filtration. It does not have any media baskets whatsoever so filtration bypass is no issue. Im eagerly awaiting the new GLA quick disconnects:)

  • 5

    Exceptional performing filter.

    Posted by Armand Santos on 21st Sep 2021

    Upgrading my previous filter is an understatement. I will never buy a plastic canister filter ever again. I recommend everybody utilize a zero bypass filter like this. Its beautifully made, beautifully packaged with exceptional care. Dont expect this filter to come with filter pipes, you will need a set. I already use Cal Aqua Labs premium glassware line and its a perfect match. Having full control of the flow rate, amazing. When time to feed, hit feed and you can feed your fish with ease. Bravo GLA, worth every penny.

  • 5

    Top quality aquarium canister filter.

    Posted by Amanda Killingsworth on 19th Sep 2021

    It sure beats any plastic filter I own. I dont see any other filter outlasting anything like this. GLA assembles and hand packs these by hand and they even sent me pictures of my filter being assembled and packed I was speechless. Your not getting this level of quality from anybody else. This filter is everything you could possibly want from filtration in your aquascape. I love it!

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