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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)

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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 200cm tank)
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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L Dual Inlet - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Jet Filter

  • Designed for 180cm to 200cm nature aquarium tank
  • Experience GLA's Infinite Nature aquarium canister filter, solid stainless steel professional aquarium canister filter with strong suction, adjustable water speed and high filtration capacity/capability for freshwater planted aquariums.
  • Modern, innovative design encourages richly oxygenated water to activate colonization of beneficial bacteria and promote biological filtration.
  • External pump design reduces internal heat transfer and protect beneficial bacteria for improved biological filtration.
  • Heavy duty and super silent aquarium pump design
  • Handcrafted stainless steel perfection for everyday life, designed to last.
  • Elite performance and distinct elegance, exquisitely built to last and never look back.


  • Series: GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity / Filtration Volume: 22L
  • Compatible Aquarium Length Recommendation: 180cm - 200cm tank
  • External Size: 26 x 54cm (includes pump height)
  • Diameter: 26cm
  • Canister Height (without lid cover and pump): 40cm
  • Height with Pump: 54cm
  • Inlet / Inflow: 16/22mm hose size (double/dual inlet)
  • Outlet / Outflow: 16/22mm hose size (single outlet)
  • Included Pump: DC Pump 24V, 4-35W
  • Power Input: AC100 – 240V
  • Flow Rate: 100 - 5000L/H, max 321GPH (adjustable flow)
  • Maximum Pump Head (Hmax): 4.5m
  • Operation Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Operation Noise: Super Silent Design Pump
  • for Freshwater Aquariums use only

Contents Included in Box

  • Stainless Canister, includes: Canister O-ring and seat, welded buckles, and welded inflow opening
  • Stainless Canister Top Panel/Plate (lid), includes: DC pump head with attachment accessories, and welded outflow opening
  • Hose bands/clips
  • Filtration hose for inflow and outflow - single 3m length section included
  • Stainless upper and lower strainer inserts for canister
  • (inflow and outflow filter pipes are not included)
  • (filtration media is not included)
    Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L   Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L
Material   Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel
Capacity   15L   22L
Aquarium Length   up to 120cm   up to 200cm
Diameter   22cm   26cm
Total Height   54cm   54cm
Inflow   16/22mm   16/22mm
Inlet   Single Inlet   Double Inlet
Outflow   12/16mm or 16/22mm   12/16mm or 16/22mm
Pump    DC 24V, 4-25W   DC 24V, 4-35W
Flow Rate    3500L/h adjustable   5000L/h adjustable
Hmax    3.5m   4.5m
Frequency   50/60Hz   50/60Hz
Noise   Super Silent   Super Silent


Limited Warranty: The limited warranty period of two (2) years commences on the original purchase date and covers material and workmanship defects of the canister filter or failure of the pump to operate during the duration of the limited warranty period. The limited warranty does not cover failure or problems related to: improper installation or improper use, modification, unauthorized repairs, normal wear and tear, failure to follow safety, care and maintenance instructions, improper treatment or handling, product misuse, damages to the pump resulting from improper use, water damages or dry operation. Customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty claims. A warranty repair or replacement of parts will be authorized per GLA discretion and does not extend or renew the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

12 reviews

  • 5

    This is the best filter you can consider for any aquascape .

    This is the filter of filters right here. Massive media capacity like no other Ive seen. Exceptionally smooth operating pump dead quiet with what seems like infinite adjustability to the flow rate. The pump and controller are super nice and feel very heavy duty, very nicely made equipment from GLA. I ordered the 5L co2 reactor from GLA and it all looks amazing!

  • 5

    Beautiful and powerful.

    Its a very large filter that does a perfect job of filtering 100% of your aquarium water. This filter has 100% zero bypass. That means 100% of your filter gets filtered unlike traditional basket filters. This filter comes with everything including tubing and a massive mesh bag for all the media. I love this filter and its already a year old. I come today to buy one 5l and one 15l but see they are out of stock. Luckily upon emailing they are almost ready for dispatch. When you have this filter next to the GLA co2 reactor and GLA co2 system, its a show stopper. Your going to love it.

  • 5

    Monster filter.

    You dont get the grasp of how large it is until it sitting in front of you. This is a beast of a filter, perfect for huge tanks. The controller is very nice and it allows you to control the flow of the pump with a few buttons. Whats even more cool is the huge media bag it comes with. I justy filled that sucker up with ceramic balls and dont. Makes cleaning a big clean sweep in a bucket. My only suggestion is to get the quick disconnects GLA has. It will make maintenance so much easier. This is a GLA monster filter.

  • 5

    Aquarium filtration at its finest.

    This is a monster filter with massive amounts of power. I love everything about it, the media volume is intense. You will need a lot. Knowing that, you have the best filtration. Massive media, zero bypass. Everything super clean. This filter packs more media than any other filter available. It comes with a huge media bag yo9u simply fill up. I love GLA products and Im a fan for life.

  • 5

    The best fresh water aquarium filter.

    This monster filter blows away my Oase filter in more ways than I can list. First off, it’s absolutely huge. It puts out a massive amount of flow no Oase could achieve. I love the controllability because I can not use it at 100% power it’s just to much flow. Love the huge media bag it comes with it made dumping my media in so easy. I’ve had mine running a little over a year and it’s an amazing workhorse. I just added the new GLA co2 reactor and boy let me tell you what, it’s now even more awesome because my heater was able to be housed in my new reactor. Absolutely amazing what GLA has brought to our hobby over the decades.

  • 5

    My god Ive officially seen the light.

    GLA makes an amazing industrial filter that is most massive. This is a giant filter that will make any aquarium crystal clear. Its built like Fort Knox and moves water like no tomorrow. Holy crap its bad ass!

  • 5

    The best filter I have ever used.

    This is a giant canister filter. Ive never seen one of this size in all my 40 years keeping aquariums. This is absolutely the best nature aquarium filter besides an ADA filter that would cost you double the price.

  • 5

    Monster canister filter!

    I knew it would be large and powerful but this thing was massive and the flow from the pump was absolutely massive. So glad the controller is available to tame this beast. It looks and functions like no other canister filter I use. My Oase filter seems like a toy at this point. My wife is going to kill me when she sees I ordered another one.

  • 5

    My god its amazing.

    If you have a big tank requiring maximum media from a canister filter need look any further. Beautifully made,beautifully packaged and my tank has never seen so much power and flow. All my dead spots were eliminated on day one. The second day I could not believe my eyes. Water clarity was impressive. GLA is simply impressive.

  • 5

    Aquarium filtration at its finest.

    You really can’t compare this to other filters because no other canister filter can remotely compare. I liked the idea of an internal heater, but everything else about this filter just makes sense. The largest biological media capacity. Highest flow rates available from a canister filter. Zero bypass filtration. What more could you ask for?

  • 5

    Absolute best nature aquarium filter.

    This monster filter crushes my Oase filter performance wise. It doe snot have a built in heater but I prefer not to have that anyways. No less, the power of the pump on this filter with its ability to be controlled rates this number one for me. First off, media capability. Look no further, this is maximum media and maximum filtration. No denying this, look at its zero bypass design, massive pump and huge media capability. This is an aquascapers and aquarist dream filter. You better have room under your tank for this beast. A+ GLA, love this filter.

  • 5

    Quality Nature aquarium filtration.

    This filter is being used on my 500g aquascape. I was not sure which filter to use at first. I was first going with Oase Biomaster. However after seeing my friends GLA Infinite Nature aquarium filter I had to have a second thought. I have used Oase with my previous tanks but I needed 2-3 of these filters. This 22 liter filter with massive power is all my tank requires. These filters are all business. The flow is absolutely immense with the filter packed with media. I use the controller at 80% in my 500g, 100% is to much power, unreal. Bravo GLA, Im a fan for life. It looks amazing next to my GLA DS co2 system.

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