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GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator

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GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
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GLA GRO Paintball Aquarium CO2 Regulator
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Pressure Reduction



CO2 Distribution


GLA GRO Paintball Planted Aquarium CO2 Regulator

The GLA GRO Paintball CO2 regulator offers a sleek and compact design, optimized for daily use in single aquarium setups. Constructed with high-grade components, this regulator is the go-to choice for those seeking optimal CO2 distribution in their planted aquariums.

Proudly designed in the USA, our regulators incorporate top-quality pneumatic components, ensuring both reliability and innovation in CO2 distribution. Our team of specialized CO2 engineers takes meticulous care in building and testing each regulator, backed by a commitment to lifelong customer support.

Celebrated within the planted aquarium community, our groundbreaking CO2 technology has established new industry benchmarks. We're dedicated to delivering top-notch CO2 regulators and aquarium systems, catering to both passionate hobbyists and specialized sectors in need of the finest CO2 equipment.

  • Premium aluminum regulator body
  • Micro precision needle valve rotates 360 degrees
  • Innovative, optimal performance 'cool touch' solenoid valve
  • Premium GLA bubble counter with check valve to protect your equipment
  • Multistage micron filtration inlet and outlet
  • Laser precision metal-on-metal valve seat
  • Integrated pressure relief valve (PRV)
  • Premium quality pneumatic components
  • Custom designed, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA
  • Primed for your next aquascape
  • Handcrafted by our expert CO2 engineers for everyday life, so you can enjoy your planted aquarium without worry.
  • We are dedicated to providing unparalleled CO2 technology and setting the industry standard of CO2 distribution excellence.
  • We are confident that our GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition.


  • Installation: Paintball
  • Output Pressure: 0 - 70 PSI

Our Standards

Handcrafted Excellence
✓ exceptional care and pride in what we build
✓ bringing our passion to life

Elite Performance
✓ for your next aquascape
✓ and for every aquascape after that

Built to Last
✓ your everyday super CO2 regulator
✓ a regulator that is truly unmistakable

Our Guarantees

Installation Support
✓ dedicated expert installation support
✓ we are here to help you get started

Lifetime Warranty
✓ rock solid lifetime warranty
✓ your peace of mind guaranteed

Lifetime Support
✓ we back what we build
✓ we will be here to help you into the future



Limited Lifetime Warranty: GLA GRO CO2 Regulators are covered under a limited lifetime non-transferrable warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, when used in strict compliance with Green Leaf Aquariums, LLC (GLA) recommended usages, while the goods are under the ownership and control of the original purchaser. The lifetime warranty does not guarantee that the product will perform for the lifetime of the buyer. The actual time that the product can be expected to perform is determined by the highest standard of working time for products of its kind and per the buyers usage and application. If the product is discontinued, the warranty will remain a limited period longer, and then claims will be warranted with a similar product or credit, as determined by GLA, and appropriate to the product's age and condition at time of claim. GLA does not assume any responsibility or make any warranties with respect to items which are modified, altered, abused, misused, damaged, or serviced by unauthorized personnel. The warranty is void if at any time a wrench is used on the regulator, for any purpose, other than to tighten the regulator to the CO2 cylinder. It is important to read instruction guide provided when installing product, for damage due to improper installation is not covered under the warranty, although GLA will happily provide support and service for the product at a determined repair cost.

Customer Reviews

32 reviews

  • 5

    A Superior Product - The Best Paintball CO2 Regulator

    This is quite simply the highest quality paintball regulator on the market. I had recently returned an FZONE brand regulator, which was both extremely low quality in many areas and impossible to get an air-tight seal. Immediately I saw how much better GLA's product was in all areas. The installation directions were easy to read and better than anything else I've seen in the hobby.

  • 5

    Very nice paintball regulator.

    I love this paintball regulator and more-so the needle valve, super sweet guys. I only wish GLA gave free tubing with the regulator vs having to buy it separate. The regulator is 5 stars all day, but I just feel it should have come with tubing. With that said Im here today to buy another one Hahaha!

  • 5

    Best paintball co2 regulator Ive ever used.

    My fish room is in a basement thats difficult to climatize so this space gets some temp fluctuations. This regulator so far has out performed my other regulators. GLA has some magical flow characteristic that makes adjusting the flow so easy and physically easy to see. With my other regulators Im always messing with the needle valve adjuster. I hate always messing with it so I decided to give GLA a try and boy what an improvement. Even my back feels better due to the fact I dont go checking the co2 anymore. I was so happy I came back to GLA today to buy one of the big full sized regulators with GLA's modular valve system. Great products from GLA.

  • 5

    Bad ass!

    GLA makes a bad ass regulator and I love it!

  • 5

    Excellent Regulator!

    I was using a UNS paintball regulator kit, which was absolute garbage and stopped working after only one week (not to mention the eye-watering price). I decided to return it to the store and buy this one instead. Just upon opening the package I could tell it is a superior quality than my previous one. It's been a week now running and couldn't love it more! Would order again!

  • 5

    GLA is the go to for co2!

    Been a long time customer of GLA for 15 years now. GLA really knows how to execute an aquarium co2 system properly. All my systems are still running flawlessly after years of abuse.

  • 5

    Finally trouble free co2 for my aquarium.

    This being my now 3rd regulator my wife was none to pleased. I tried for two years using a UNS and another Amazon version on my paintball cylinders and none would hold a seal for more than 45-60 days. I think it’s because those UNS versions seem real dinky, and not to sturdy. When I took this GLA paintball co2 regulator out it felt twice as heavy, more substantial. Not only that but I now get 4 months on a paintball cylinder, nearly twice as long. The needle valve on this is also very easy to tune. I’m living GLA co2 regulators.

  • 5

    Highly recommend this paintball regulator.

    Now my 3rd paintball regulator. I tried 2 UNS paintball regulators and both failed doing the same thing. They warrantied my first one, second one arrived and instantly was not able to set a normal bubble rate. I dont have a huge tank so this should have been easy. Thankfully I went to GLA and received this. My god, so easy. My bubble rate was rock steady day one and every day. Ok, I can live with this!

  • 5

    Beautiful workhorse.

    Very good price and super good quality. Today I come to buy another one for my fish room. Very neat packaging by thew way. I like the artwork lol Installation with this is super easy and I like most that if I want to upgrade one day to full size cylinder I can no problem with the same regulator. Bonus!

  • 5

    Good quality and solid build

    I bought this regulator after comparing it to other great options out there (UNS Mini, Co2 Art, etc) and found out that the price and the features were very attractive. Even though this is a single stage vs the other options, the GRO's natural decay and rise effect is extremely minimal which alleviates my concern regarding "end of tank dump". Extremely happy with my purchase.

  • 5

    Best paintball regulator I’ve used.

    I can only use paintball where I live and this is one exceptional paintball co2 regulator. It’s built well and very heavy duty. My co2 is super stable and and no longer mess with my needle valve. Love this regulator I’d give it 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • 5

    Love this paintball regulator.

    So neat and simple to use. It is a very sturdy feeling piece. Adjsuting the co2 into my Beta tank was much simpler than I thought. Very happy with everything I would certainly buy again. Except next time Im going with the 5Lb cylinder.

  • 5

    Great build quality.

    Great paintball regulator. I needed a compact regulator and this fit the bill. Needle valve is super precise and much easier to use. Even the art work on the packaging was cool lol :)

  • 5

    Compact co2 regulator.

    I like this regulator because it fits on my counter top. The main reason I went with this is because its compatible with all cylinder types. When Im ready for full size I just get the GLA adapter. GLA has been terrific.

  • 5

    Love this paintball regulator.

    I needed a compact regulator to fit my space. This fit the bill perfectly. Not only that I really liked the fact I can use this on any cylinder type available using GLA's adapter. The installation was only 2 minutes and dialing in the bubble rate was a breeze. Once I notice the gauge start to drop that tells me its time to change cylinders. Love it.

  • 5

    Regulators and other items.

    Top notch regular. If fact everything I have ever purchased from Green Leaf Aquariums has been of the highest quality you can expect. Have never been disappointed with anything I have purchase from them.

  • 5

    Wonderful Regulator

    I couldn't be happier with my GLA GRO Paintball Regulator. Its precise and consistent, maintaining the bubble count even after restarting each morning. Its small size makes it super convenient to hide, although I prefer to show mine off due to its high quality. I'll will certainly continue to use GLA regulators for my future tanks.

  • 5

    Worth every penny! When you read the instructions lol

    Thankfully I used the brain cells I have left and followed GLA's basic instructions on how to use the diffusers. Works amazingly well when you actually follow instructions.

  • 5

    Gro paintball aquarium co2 regulator

    This is a must have, especially for those with a smaller tank with limited space. This regulator’s assembly is excellent, reliable and has a small profile which makes it easy to hide.

  • 5

    You get what you pay for.

    Really well made and worth every penny. Don’t cheap out on a regulator. It’s important and you won’t be made AT ALL with this one. Really fast shipping to. Like really fast!!!

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