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GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit

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GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit
GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit
GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit
GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit
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GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit
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GLA GRO Cartridge Aquarium CO2 Kit

Introducing the GLA GRO Cartridge CO2 Kit, a sleek and compact solution tailor-made for your nature aquarium. This top-tier CO2 infusion kit is perfect for both single aquarium installations and nano nature aquariums. Constructed with high-grade materials, it promises unparalleled CO2 distribution to make your underwater garden flourish like never before.

Designed with precision in the USA, our regulators stand out from the competition, featuring cutting-edge pneumatic components. This guarantees not only reliable CO2 distribution but a level of quality that is second to none. Every single regulator undergoes rigorous testing by our dedicated team of engineers. Our commitment doesn't end there – we also offer lifelong customer service to make sure you are always satisfied.

Choose the GLA GRO Cartridge Kit for your nano nature aquarium and watch your aquascape grow and thrive. We don't just provide professional CO2 regulators; we build relationships with planted aquarium enthusiasts and specialized industries that demand nothing but the best. With our cartridge-based solution, consistent and effective CO2 distribution is not just a promise; it's a guarantee. Experience the difference with our CO2 equipment, and let your underwater paradise thrive.

  • Sleek and Compact Design: Tailor-made for both single installations and nano nature aquariums, with a streamlined appearance.
  • Superior CO2 Distribution: Built with high-grade materials for unmatched CO2 distribution, ensuring your planted tank flourishes.
  • Reliable and Tested Quality: Rigorous testing by dedicated engineers guarantees reliability and second-to-none quality, with lifelong customer service.
  • Premium aluminum regulator body
  • Micro precision needle valve rotates 360 degrees
  • Innovative, optimal performance 'cool touch' solenoid valve
  • Premium GLA bubble counter with check valve to protect your equipment
  • Multistage micron filtration inlet and outlet
  • Laser precision metal-on-metal valve seat
  • Integrated pressure relief valve (PRV)
  • Premium quality pneumatic components
  • Custom designed, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA
  • Primed for your next aquascape
  • Handcrafted by our expert CO2 engineers for everyday life, so you can enjoy your planted aquarium without worry.
  • We are dedicated to providing unparalleled CO2 technology and setting the industry standard of CO2 distribution excellence.
  • We are confident that our GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition.


  • Installation: Disposable CO2 Cartridge
  • Output Pressure: 0 - 70 PSI
  • Includes: 74-gram disposable CO2 cartridge and heavy-duty black plastic cartridge base

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✓ a regulator that is truly unmistakable

Our Guarantees

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Lifetime Warranty
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Limited Lifetime Warranty: GLA GRO CO2 Regulators are covered under a limited lifetime non-transferrable warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, when used in strict compliance with Green Leaf Aquariums, LLC (GLA) recommended usages, while the goods are under the ownership and control of the original purchaser. The lifetime warranty does not guarantee that the product will perform for the lifetime of the buyer. The actual time that the product can be expected to perform is determined by the highest standard of working time for products of its kind and per the buyers usage and application. If the product is discontinued, the warranty will remain a limited period longer, and then claims will be warranted with a similar product or credit, as determined by GLA, and appropriate to the product's age and condition at time of claim. GLA does not assume any responsibility or make any warranties with respect to items which are modified, altered, abused, misused, damaged, or serviced by unauthorized personnel. The warranty is void if at any time a wrench is used on the regulator, for any purpose, other than to tighten the regulator to the CO2 cylinder. It is important to read instruction guide provided when installing product, for damage due to improper installation is not covered under the warranty, although GLA will happily provide support and service for the product at a determined repair cost.

Customer Reviews

25 reviews

  • 5

    GLA Co2 regulator very high quality.

    Posted by Ahmann Giogha on 6th Feb 2024

    Very impressed by the quality and performance. Customer service was A+ and very thankful on the weekend. Was amazing thank you,

  • 5

    Great mini CO2 kit - highly recommended

    Posted by Great CO2 set up - that works on 12th Jan 2024

    I've had other big name (UNS) regulators that fail 50% of the time. Very poor build quality to., The GLA CO2 kit is fantastic - easy to set up and IT WORKS.

  • 5

    Very happy with GLA co2 equipment.

    Posted by Malik Ossa on 30th Dec 2023

    This is my 2nd co2 system from GLA. GLA co2 systems are hassle free and easy to install. I love this nano kit because it allowed me to have a nano tank in the kitchen vs a TV. I just love thids nano co2 system from GLA, I could not be more pleased. Highly recommend.

  • 5

    So cool!

    Posted by Allison Welch on 1st Dec 2023

    This mini system is amazing, its neat,comapct and has a very heavy weight to it. Its very well made and you can expect a long life of use with this. I have this on my ADA Mini F tank and its a perfect match, couldn't be happier.

  • 5

    Love this!

    Posted by Carlos Morello on 25th Oct 2023

    Nice co2 system from GLA, coudlnt be happier. Im really pumped I can use this later on a big cylinder. The rate of tuneability with the needle valve was incredible, rock solid.

  • 5

    GRO nano CO2 kit

    Posted by Nita on 19th Aug 2023

    It is a compact unit. The needle valve is very good to control bubble rate. Will definitely recommend this unit.

  • 5

    Great for All Sizes of Planted Tanks

    Posted by Jainer Zambrano on 11th Jul 2023

    Avery well made product, easy to install and use, the needle valve can be adjusted to very low levels and keep the co2 injection very stable. Perfect for planted nano tanks. In addition to all this they included a cga320 adapter to connect it to a larger co2 tank (for free) and use it in bigger planted tanks…. what else could you ask for?

  • 5


    Posted by Enrique Santiago on 1st Jun 2023

    Loving this nano kit. Next year I will get the adapter to use on a bigger tank and cylinder. Very slick and extremely well made.

  • 5

    Perfect mini regulator for micro tanks

    Posted by Jack Craig on 13th May 2023

    I have these on my 3 and 9 gallon tanks and they're the perfect kit for their size

  • 5

    First CO2 Regulator

    Posted by Molly on 8th May 2023

    This is my first CO2 system after years in the hobby, and it was a great little all-in-one kit. Everything I needed to get started, minus the diffuser, which is more tank-specific. I really recommend giving it a shot!

  • 5

    A+++ Co2 kit!

    Posted by Adam Moore on 6th Apr 2023

    Very nice well made co2 regulator. I love that when Im ready this joker fits a full sized cylinder. Its super smooth operation has me very satisfied.

  • 5

    Love it!

    Posted by Fred Murphy on 8th Feb 2023

    Very happy, love that I can use this on a bigger tank in the future. GLA was superb!

  • 5

    Perfect for any size aquarium.

    Posted by Ami Aiyala on 24th Oct 2022

    Im loving this nano co2 system from GLA. The entire installation process require zero tools. Co2 was up and running in a few minutes. Everything has been purring like a kitten for weeks now on one bottle so far. I was expecting to change by now. This is on a 10G nano tank so my bubble rate is relatively low. Speaking of which, the needle valve is like that of my Ideal metering valve on my older GLA regulator from 13 years ago thats also still going strong. If you dont know what metering valves are, these are very expensive needle valve that typically cost more than this entire system itself. The needle valve is the black tubing knob that the bubble counter connects to, and its just amazing for its size. I emailed and spoke to GLA. What they did was very clever. Because they work with needle valves for decades, they knew what had to be done here. They copied the flow curve of an Ideal metering valve. This compact small needle valve has a flow coefficient like nothing in its class. A normal metering valve is about 4-5" long. GLA achieved this in 1" of length. This is amazing and even better they did it with all metal internals. This is a very nice kit for what you are paying and you get GLA support. You dont get any better than that.

  • 5

    Very cool co2 system from GLA.

    Posted by Rick Scott on 30th Sep 2022

    Really cool kit GLA put together. I do not have room in my apartment yet but in a few months I will be going to a 5lb cylinder. This regulator only requires an adapter to fit full sized cylinders. Its the same exact Gro regulator you see on the systems page. Its a very sturdy build with very well made components through and through. I like GLA's warranty and the help they have provided. These guys are great.

  • 5

    GLA nano kit is very nicely made.

    Posted by Darren P. Wallace on 27th Sep 2022

    Very happy, espcerailly the price. Once you get it at home you will see its well worth it. These days I would expect to pay much more but this little system has been terrific. Ive used 3 cylinders in the last 7 months! I did not to get that much use out of one cylinder. Whats really cool is how low you can adjust the bubble rate. You can get it so low its not even normal to see low bubble rates that low. Im not even sure who would need that but cool to know I have that ability, because its a super fine tuned needle valve.

  • 5

    Sweet nano co2 kit.

    Posted by Dustin Hubert on 26th Aug 2022

    This kits is pretty cool, no complaints other than you ned to buy a diffuser but I understand. Its simple to set up in minutes. Whats cool is you can use this same kit on larger cylinders in the future. All they said was to buy the GLA adapter and your ok to go. Very effective and my bubble counter is always steady. I use mineral oil in my bubble counter to ovoid having to refill often.

  • 5

    Very cool little kit, that does so much more.

    Posted by William Roston on 22nd Aug 2022

    I could not for the life of me find a place to fill my 5lb in my new town. Luckily I did find a place that was advertising but they are not yet open for another 4 months on the new place. GLA assured me this would work later on a full sized provided I get the extra adapter. This bad boy works terrific and we are super happy.

  • 5

    Its perfect for my dorm room!

    Posted by Gary Osmond on 9th Aug 2022

    I dont think Im technically allowed to have this in my dorm room first year of collage. Whats great about this is it hides super easily. Full on pressurized co2 into a small compact package. This was perfect!

  • 5

    Pro grade mini co2 system.

    Posted by Becky Morison on 8th Aug 2022

    Much nicer than my Tropica mini co2 system. This one has a complete solenoid system built into the body. You can plug into any outlet of basic timer, I opted for the Bluetooth timer for basic on/off automation. So neat, I can control my co2 from my phone in terms of being on/off. You will need some tubing and a diffuser. They dont include one but thats understandable as there are so many sizes. It sits on my kitchen counter and I get to watch it all day!

  • 5

    Gro kit

    Posted by Chris Walker on 18th Jan 2022

    I am still mind blown by the quality of this little regulator, and for the money you get all the goodies to make it a kit too. The solenoid is really nice for keeping that hands free operation once dialed in as well. The bubble counter and needle valve are by far the smoothest I've felt. So add on a diffuser and check valve of choice and your good to go!

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