GLA GRO Aquarium CO2 Regulator


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GLA GRO-series CO2 regulators are built with superior & innovative components for CO2 precision and lifetime CO2 distribution. Our GRO series CO2 regulators are designed to last you a lifetime of planted aquarium enjoyment. We design and hand build our CO2 regulators in the USA, our business is founded on providing unparalleled CO2 technology and CO2 distribution excellence.

Superior grade aluminum regulator body

Cutting edge micro-precision needle valve rotates 360 degrees

Industrial performance 'cool touch' solenoid valve

Premium GLA bubble counter with check valve to protect internal components

Multi-stage micron filtration inlet and outlet

Laser precision metal-on-metal valve seat

Integrated pressure relief valve (PRV)

Professional quality pneumatic components

Custom built, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA. We are confident that our GRO-series GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition.

Our business is to provide professional quality CO2 regulators and systems to the aquarium hobbyist and to specialized CO2 applications seeking the best CO2 equipment available. We design our CO2 collection with pro-quality pneumatic components to provide an extremely reliable, long-term solution for CO2 distribution. Our CO2 experts build each regulator to order and provide longterm customer care for each regulator shipped out of our distribution center.

Installation: CGA320

Output Pressure: 0 - 70 PSI

Includes: one nylon inlet seal

(CO2 tubing not included, purchase tubing here)

Shipping & Lifetime Warranty

Current lead time of 1-3 business days. Orders ship in 1-3 business days.

We do not accept returns on CO2 Regulators.

GLA GRO-series regulators are covered under a LIFETIME warranty.



28 Reviews

Tyler 8th Oct 2020

Quality matters

No more headaches from nasty finicky needle valves. Moving to a high end needle valve is an amazing feeling. It just works.

Kat 22nd Jul 2020

So far am very pleased

I received my regulator 2 weeks ago and must say I am very pleased so far. My old regulator had a crap needle valve and would dump CO2 into my tank sometimes. After installing this regulator and also getting a new co2 diffuser (I got a metal one since I broke the glass one when taking it out for a cleaning), my plants are looking quite happy and there is a steady stream of bubbles into the tank daily that I haven't really had to adjust. I will say an improvement to the design could be painting arrows on the dials to indicate which direction to turn the valves in- not gonna lie that confused me very much upon installation. Also, there was one day where I set the pressure for 40 ppm? and the next morning it was at 20 ppm. However, that could have been other factors and not the regulator's fault. Anyway, overall so far I am very glad I spent the money on this regulator! Also, GLA's customer service was helpful. __________________________ Reply: It was a pleasure helping you with your co2 system. When setting up its critical to always adjust your PSI with the solenoid activated in the off position. This will keep any upstream pressure from effecting physical adjustment of the psi gauge. Its a basic mistake we see made often. However no harm no foul because it can not damage anything. It only takes basic procedure know how and the rest is breezy. Thank you for your trust and support! Best, Laura @ GLA-Team

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