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GLA OEM Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter

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Replacement GLA OEM CO2 bubble counter. Available in two connection size options: Male 10/32 thread or 1/8 FNPT thread (contact GLA or any inquiry into thread size required for your installation).

DISCLAIMER: GLA OEM bubble counters are proprietary to GLA GRO, PRO, PRO-DS, & MINI-DS, and Modular series CO2 regulators exclusively.


Customer Reviews

9 reviews

  • 5

    Bubble counter

    Works as expected. I think my tank pressure was accidentally changed. It should be at 36lbs. That was the problem. Good price.

  • 5

    Bubble counter

    Works just right..not expensive

  • 5


    Old bubble counter on a used regulator was larger and didn't work. Texted GLA and decided to get a new bubbler. Everything is working perfectly. Really impressive that GLA helps promptly with answers to any questions about their products even though I bought it from someone else used. Thanks GLA!

  • 5

    Excelent original replacement.

    I was a clumsy human and let my entire co2 system fall over. At first I blamed GLA for my accident, if you can believe that. My co2 system fell over and broke the plastic tubes at the threads. After being a complete asshole to GLA I ordered two replacements and they worked perfectly. As long as your co2 system does not fall over. Thanks GLA for dealing with me, I realize I was a complete asshole and still am to this day. But your co2 system is awesome and could not be happier.

  • 5

    broken bubbler during move

    Green leaf is an excellent company with superior customer service. I recently broke by CO2 bubbler during a move and they had me taken care of in less than 24 hrs. Excellent customer service and products

  • 5

    bubble counter

    I purchased my system in 2017 and it has worked fine. I broke my old one and had to order a new one and it has performed perfect

  • 5

    Perfect match for my old GLA regulator.

    I ordered the 10/32" model. It was a direct fit for my older model GLA regulator thats 13 years old. I will note the 10/32" option arrives in black vs silver, which I prefer anyways.

  • 5


    My bubble counter broke when the CO2 tank was pulled out from under the cabinet. I couldn't remember what version/style I had or what I needed to get my set-up up and running again. I reached out to customer service and all of my questions were immediately answered. The level of service I received was bar none the best I've received from any business. This company stands by their products and it shows.

  • 5

    Effective upgrade.

    This comes in two options, 1/8" FNPT and 10/32" option. The 10/32" option arrives black which to me was perfect. Simple swap and I was back in action.

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