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GLA Fine Mist CO2 Diffuser - Atomizer L

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GLA Fine Mist CO2 Diffuser - Atomizer L
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Creates a fine mist diffusion of CO2 in aquarium water for excellent dissolution of CO2 in the aquarium water.

Suitable for aquarium tanks > 60cm length

8mm diameter ceramic diffuser

Important Instructions...

This professional quality diffuser requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.

Must be used with Green Leaf Aquariums CO2 resistant pressure rated tubing only, not for use with silicone, soft or other brand tubing. Tubing must be acid resistant and rated for high working pressure. Compatible with CO2 resistant tubing sold by GLA.

Handle diffuser carefully, do not touch ceramic. Install and remove tubing carefully.

Do not use with bubble counter fluid or other bubble counter oils. Fill bubble counter with water only to avoid contamination of diffuser.

Monitor and clean diffuser regularly. Clean in-tank type diffusers approximately every 2-3 weeks.

Clean atomic diffuser carefully with mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. Never rub ceramic.

It is recommended to keep 2 diffusers and rotate diffusers between cleanings.

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

GLA diffusers are not warranted against improper use or handling. Please read all important notices listed above prior to purchase and prior to use.

Customer Reviews

6 reviews

  • 5


    If you want ultra fine co2 mist, and I do mean MIST, get it, you'll be happy you did!!!!!! Excellent diffuser!!

  • 5

    GLA fine mist diffuser

    Excellent diffuser. This diffuser is thick, the suction cups are large and it delivers CO2 very well.

  • 5

    Co2 diffuser

    I've been in the planted aquarium hobby for MANY MANY years, but I'm a cheap skate. That being said, I've literally tired every diffuser available on Amazon, no lie! I've got 26 different ones in all shapes, brands and sizes on my equipment shelf in my fish room right now, minus at least 10-15 that quit working so were thrown out over the years. Does that give you an idea of the multitude of Amazon diffusers I either have or have used in the past?? Soooo, after finally saying "enough is enough", I splurged on one nice thing for myself and bought the GLA FINE MIST CO2 DIFFUSER - ATOMIZER L. Now I'm a bit depressed!! To think that I've wasted my time over the past 10-12 yrs buying all those cheap and some not so cheap, Co2 diffusers off Amazon when I could of just bought this little gem and been done with it!!! This thing emits such a nice uniform fine mist that none of the Amazon diffusers I have or have had can even remotely come close to!! I guess sometimes being a cheap skate doesn't pay off in the end. I'll be replacing all the Amazon wannabe diffusers in my other 14 tanks with GLA diffusers now!! Lesson learned!!

  • 5


    Tiny bubbles almost look like smoke underwater. Quality diffuser cant go wrong! Especially if you have a black background and go with the black tubing and suction cups.

  • 5

    Quality diffuser

    Bought this to replace a much more expensive diffuser that had outlived it's usefulness. I'm really pleased. There is a fine mist flowing from this diffuser. Every bit as good, if not better, than the costlier diffuser.

  • 5

    Its perfect!

    What a great bargain for an excelent diffuser. Simply put, you will not find better diffusion with any other ceramic diffuser ceramic media. This particular diffuser is quite massive. I have Atomic diffusers and this one is 3x larger in diameter. Its beefy and compact and creates a huge frothy snow of co2. Superb diffuser.

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