GLA Acrylic CO2 Diffuser - W


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Our GLA Acrylic diffuser with ceramic disc creates a super fine mist of CO2 bubbles in the aquarium. Features a classic, timeless appearance to blend in to any aquascape and planted aquarium installation while looking beautiful.

Recommended for aquariums up to 90 gallons.

Handle diffuser carefully, do not touch ceramic. Install and remove tubing carefully.

Monitor and clean diffuser regularly for optimal performance.


3 Reviews

Brian Holt 29th Jan 2020

Super fine mist great quality

This diffuser creates a super fine mist like no other white ceramic disc diffuser you will ever see. I find it best to use GLA soft co2 tubing with this diffuser because it makes installation much easier. Otherwise I could not ask for more from this diffuser. It even comes with an inline check valve in the box along with a syringe. :) Happy customer!

Jake Snyder 8th Aug 2019

Small, Simple, Fine Mist

This was an easy to install product. The end seems a bit large, and it was tough to install the CO2 tubing (purchased from GLA) over the end (I tried heating with water). It puts out a fine mist (powered by a GLA regulator) that seems sufficient at distributing CO2 throughout the tank. I’m not sure why it shipped with a small syringe. Maybe some directions would improve this product.

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