GLA MINI-DS Aquarium CO2 Regulator (Dual Stage)

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GLA MINI-DS series is an unparalleled and exceptionally configurable dual stage CO2 regulator, built with professional & innovative components for CO2 precision and lifetime CO2 distribution. Our MINI-DS CO2 regulators are designed and hand built to last you a lifetime of planted aquarium enjoyment. Limited release availability!

Professional grade sleek and mini dual stage regulator body

Option to configure regulator with or without solenoid and bubble counter

Operational without a solenoid (no electricity required), designed for slow and continuous 24 hour CO2 distribution

Dual stage regulator reduces source pressure in two steps to eliminate fluctuation in working pressure, as pressure drops in CO2 cylinder

Cutting edge micro-precision needle valve rotates 360 degrees (standard feature)

Singe gauge (working pressure)

No end-of-tank dumps

We are confident that our GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition

Custom built, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA

Our business is to provide professional quality CO2 regulators and systems to the aquarium hobbyist and to specialized CO2 applications seeking the best CO2 equipment available. We design our CO2 collection with pro-quality pneumatic components to provide an extremely reliable, long-term solution for CO2 distribution. Our CO2 experts build each regulator to order and provide long-term customer care for each regulator shipped out of our distribution center.

*Optional Pro-class solenoid valve with ‘cool touch’ technology keeps the solenoid cool to the touch during operation (*optional configuration)

*Optional custom GLA bubble counter with advanced filtration and check valve to protect internal components of regulator (*optional configuration)

*Installation options, select: CGA320, Paintball, Disposable CO2 Cartridge, or DIN477

*Working Pressure options, select: working pressure version 0-60 PSI, or working pressure version 0-30 PSI (0-30 PSI version is compatible for use with glass/acrylic CO2 diffusers & CO2 reactors, and is not suitable for use with high pressure CO2 diffusion atomizers or atomic CO2 diffusers.)

(CO2 tubing not included, purchase tubing here)

Shipping & Lifetime Warranty

Current lead time of 1-3 business days. Orders ship in 1-3 business days.

We do not accept returns on CO2 Regulators.

GLA CO2 regulators are covered under a LIFETIME warranty.



1 Review

Brian Wells 7th Jul 2020

Love it

Without a doubt the most compact dual stage you will ever see. This regulator was perfect for my 55g tank with limited stand height. I really like the fact that it fits every type of co2 cylinder but more importantly is the build quality. This is the nicest piece of aquarium equipment I have ever seen. Most of my stuff just feels like cheap plastic garbage lol. Not this regulator though!

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