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Cal Aqua Labs Double Counter ER CO2 Bubble Counter

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The Double Counter ER functions exactly the same as the original Double Counter but has an external port for quick and easy filling.

Over time, water level inside bubble counters will evaporate due to the constant stream of dry CO2 passing through. This requires the user to refill the liquid back to its original level. Traditional bubble counter designs require the users to disconnect the CO2 line from the checker each time it is refilled, which is inconvenient and may eventually loosen the tubing leading to CO2 leaks.

The Double Counter ER can be quickly filled simply by removing the silicone plug, fill, and reinstall the plug without having to disconnect any tubing. It is as easy as that!

Cal Aqua Labs glassware is hand-crafted using only the highest quality, laboratory-grade, borosilicate glass for maximum strength, durability, and visual clarity. Each piece is unique. Install the Double Counter ER inline within the CO2 tubing line and suction to the outside of aquarium. Always install a check valve below the bubble counter to prevent water from flowing back into the regulator.

Approximate size: 9.5 cm x 2.7 cm (L x W)


Two (2) Suction Cups

Instructions for use

Customer Reviews

3 reviews

  • 5

    I got mine!

    Just heard the news about Cal Aqua labs closing doors so I grabbed done of everything lol. If your reading this, and you see this bubble counter available I suggest you buy it. This is artisan glassware, super functional design. Thank you for GLA and all at Cal Aqua labs for always making my tank look so nice. We already noticed GLA started a different glassware line so we knew something was coming.

  • 5

    The absolute best inline bubble counter on earth.

    Just a heads up, this is the best inline bubble counter on earth. I own lots of ADA glassware and they dont even come close to Cal Aqua Labs quality work. I honestly do not want to use it its so damn nice. Cal Aqua Labs is the top of the top in glassware and needs no introduction. Tried and true and it shines in this piece.

  • 5


    Your looking at the best bubble counter inline you can possibly buy. This thing is really cool because you do not have to remove it to fill it. You do have to pull the plug on the side to fill it which makes it ultra convenient. You dont have to fool with the tubing connections. ADA holds no candle to Cal Aqua Labs. Top shelf products from GLA.

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