Atomic CO2 Bubble Counter - with Integrated Check Valve


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Atomic CO2 bubble counter is an effective tool for accurate measurement of the bubble count at a glance. Measure the amount of CO2 entering the aquarium.

Precision CO2 Bubble Counter with integrated check valve.

Use to count CO2 bubbles entering aquarium.

Designed to be mounted inline within the CO2 tubing line.

Includes suction cups to mount inline outside aquarium


2 Reviews

Brandon 28th Apr 2019

Quality Product

I would 100% recommend this counter. The built in check valve is a great addition not seen in most counters. Knowing that my solenoids are protected if my inline check valve fails makes this counter worth every dollar.

Will 9th Mar 2019

Atomic co2 bubble counter

Just got it and set it up so the review may change but it seems to be of a high quality. Not flimsy at all and was simple to setup.

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