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Quick Release Aquarium Filter Coupling - For Easy Maintenance

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Quick Release Filter Coupling - For Easy Maintenance
Quick Release Aquarium Filter Coupling - For Easy Maintenance
Quick Release Aquarium Filter Coupling - For Easy Maintenance
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Quick Release Filter Coupling - For Easy Maintenance
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  • Attach inline to filter hose for quick shutoff and release. 
  • integrated shutoff valves allows quick release without water leakage
  • makes cleaning the filter, hose, and filter pipes much easier and without water spillage
  • secure hose connections without water backflow when shutoff
  • select sizes: 16/22mm, 12/16mm, or 12/16mm to 16/22mm adapter coupling
  • recommendation: purchase 2 couplings, one for inflow and outflow hose


Customer Reviews

3 reviews

  • 5

    Buy these in bulk!

    I love these and honestly I dont know how people live without these on aquariums. It makes removing my reactors and filters so much easier. No spill and no mess. Great price and quality from GLA.

  • 5

    Absolute necessity

    Typically I use Eheim and tried others. These are very well made and should note they are much stiffer than the ultum disconnects. I found those flimsy and leaky. These are on par with Eheim if not better. And a bargain!

  • 5

    Canister filter quick disconnect/double-tap at an affordable price.

    Unreal, I ordered a set of all of them and I still need more. These are very nice for the money. SO much more sturdy than the UN valves. These are much more sturdy and the actual ball valves are mechanically nicer. Everybody needs these.

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