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GLA Substrate Fertilizer Capsules - Aquarium Root Tabs

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GLA Substrate Fertilizer Capsules - Aquarium Root Tabs
GLA Substrate Fertilizer Capsules - Aquarium Root Tabs
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GLA Substrate Fertilizer Capsules - Aquarium Root Tabs
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GLA Substrate Fertilizer - World's Best Aquarium Root Tabs

  • root tabs provide a slow release of nutrients to plant roots, up to 90 days
  • shrimp safe, does not contain Copper Cu
  • Provides macronutrients, essential micros, humic acid, and trace minerals to aquarium plants and plant roots.
  • 40 capsules per bag

GLA premium fertilizer nutrition capsules for aquarium plants. Root tabs provide up to 90 day slow-release of nutrients to plant roots. Designed to increase availability and uptake of nutrients to plant roots and to release nutrients effectively as utilized by water plants. Improves beneficial microbial growth to enhance aquarium conditions.

A complete mixture of macro-elements (N, P, K), essential micro-elements, trace minerals, and humic acid. GLA Substrate Fertilizer does not contain Copper (Cu), capsules are safe for use in aquariums with invertebrates.

HOW TO USE CAPSULES: Use tweezers to place the capsules into aquarium substrate. Place capsules close to or directly under roots of plants. Position capsules in substrate every 10-15 cm, or per plant spacing. Apply capsules every 2-3 months, or depending on plant needs.

Customer Reviews

22 reviews

  • 5

    substate fertilizer

    Posted by mike on 30th Mar 2024

    very interesting method to deliver substrate fertilizer.

  • 4

    Came free with co2 system

    Posted by Nicole on 17th Aug 2023

    I received these free with my co2 system. I've only had them in my tank for a few days, so I can't give any real feedback on the efficacy. I will give feedback that these should have a desiccant packet or something to reduce moisture. A lot of the ones in the packet I received had seemingly melted together. This could be from heat, moisture, or both. I have other gel capsules so I can still use the fertilizer.

  • 5

    2 years now on only tablets!

    Posted by Javier Ochoa on 8th Jun 2023

    I try them all, Niloc type,Seachem type and Aquario type. These GLA capsule work the best, and you get so many in one pack for a good price. I now go on 2 years maybe slightly more with only these tablets. I use 2 packs in my 90g tank. I refresh every 7-12 months depending on how plants are going. I notice when I do more frequent water changes during the year I need more. But when I stay on EI schedule with 50% water change everything is ok. I like not dosing and this has helped so much.

  • 5

    These are amazing!

    Posted by Rebecca Stam on 5th Apr 2023

    After 2 years of using traditional aquarium fertilizer I skipped year 3 and chose to use 2 packs of these. I started with 80 caps and I still have 20 left. My red plants are more red and general growth was exactly the same when I used liquid fertilizer. What I like about this system is you install once every 6-12 months. I chose 6 just to play it safe and life has been great. I no longer worry about my plants when Im on vacation. I just add more prior to when I leave. I dont think I will be switching back to liquid fertilizer any time soon:)

  • 5


    Posted by Brent on 2nd Dec 2022

    Just put them in my substrate. Have to wait for results but looks good and never been disappointed with GLA before.

  • 5

    Nutrient rich fertilizer.

    Posted by Damian Fuentes on 22nd Aug 2022

    I keep a very demanding tank and recently switched jobs that keeps me away. I panicked, had lots of experience with other brads so my panic was elevated. I tried GLA for 4 months with no issue on plant growth. No stunting and no excessive nutrients in the water column. Im on my second pack so Im not sure how long they will last me but so far its been very economical vs liquid dosing. This is working really well.

  • 5

    Amazing growth from these.

    Posted by Stephen Brooks on 14th Jun 2022

    I’ve used a lot of fertilizer tablets over the years and I feel this pack shines the best. My plants just seem richer in color. I’d say growth is on par but the general health and color just seem much better. I use these because I travel and do not dose my tanks much so these have been amazing.

  • 5

    Shrimp safe fertilizer tablets!

    Posted by David Morgan on 14th Feb 2022

    Finally a tablet I can fertilize my tank and not worry about my Taiwan Bee’s! Plants are happy

  • 5

    Fabulous substrate fertilizer system from GLA

    Posted by Anil Bintang on 19th Jan 2022

    Only my second batch after 6 months. I wanted to see how the first bag went and I was blown away. Im now on my second bag. I used Niloc tabs before but I did not get much response to growth with my plants. With these you see it very quickly and it last quite a while.

  • 5

    Worth their weight in gold!

    Posted by Amanda E. on 9th Jan 2022

    My first bag of these were free with a prior purchase last year. I ran out last week and was happy to receive these so quickly. I dont have much time for daily dosing so most all my plants are fed with these now. One thing I noticed right away was the lack of alage in my tank since I started using these. I emailed GLA and they said the capsules did not remove the algae that perhaps the excelled plant growth helped stabilize my tank with the absence of water column dosing. I ordered 10 bags and I feel that will last me for years of dosing. I dont think I will ever dose the column ever again. These are the bees knees.

  • 5

    Ive tried every substrate fertilizer on the market. None work like these.

    Posted by Jamal Harris on 30th Dec 2021

    Used them all, even DIY versions. Everything from easy-green tablets to niloc tablets and these puppies are like steroids for plants. I use mostly root tabs for my fertilizing because I travel a lot. I have been use to what all the competing tablets achieve upon my return home. Honestly, it makes for a great quality control test environment. Considering I have used all of them. Well, I came home from business and my plants were easily overgrowing one another. Im not sure of its the time release effect, or the nutrients inside. Either way the plants respond like no other.

  • 5

    Good results from these fertilizer tablets.

    Posted by Lee Parsons on 3rd Sep 2021

    So far the plants are doing very well. Growth is steady and no sign of deficiency. I also dose PPS-Pro so Im sure this factors in. All in all the combination of the two is a great bargain.

  • 5

    My favorite aquarium root tab fertilizer.

    Posted by Mara Strouse on 27th Aug 2021

    I like the fact how many you get in the bag. This packet last me months and my plants are totally rockin. Most of my plants are stem plants followed by crypts ,Monte Carlo and a mix of mini hairgrass. My sword plants are happy, new leaves on the regular. These are great because I don’t have much time to dose everyday or every week for that matter. I use to dose my tank religiously, but not any more. I’m lucky to add micros once a month now.

  • 5

    I love this aquarium substrate fertilizer tablet.

    Posted by Justin Holt on 31st Jul 2021

    Very economical and are lasting a long time. I originally ordered these because I was leaving on business for a month. I was skeptical at first, Im not a skeptic any longer. When I returned home it was if my tank did not skip a beat besides the stupid amount of trimming I needed to do. The tank had zero algae and my plants looked better than when I was tending to them weekly. I now use these tablets in all my scapes.

  • 5

    My plants love it!

    Posted by Tim on 13th May 2021

    Couldn't be happier! Thank you!

  • 5

    Lovely addition to my PPS Pro dosing kit.

    Posted by Alec Wrigley on 9th May 2021

    A few months ago I implemented these into a tank using PPS-Pro and the results have been terrific. I stopped dosing mid week just to see if I could get away with it. No issues with my inverts at all and my plants are totally happy. Really digging the 40 count pack!

  • 5

    Perfect balance of nutrients

    Posted by Matthew DeWitt on 3rd Apr 2021

    GLA substrate fertilizer capsules have the perfect balance of nutrients for the planted aquarium. There is no ammonia spikes, no contaminants, and no bs. I love these caps, and my tank is thriving thanks to them.

  • 5

    Tank is stable and happy.

    Posted by Shane Raston on 21st Mar 2021

    Really enjoying this substrate fertilizer from GLA. I use these in my home tank and office tank and dose PPS-Pro on the side about 50% less than you normally would. Plant growth is great no stunting. You do need tweezers to plant these so make sure you use that or an old set of chopsticks, worked for me.

  • 5

    Very happy plants.

    Posted by Ramon Suerez on 5th Mar 2021

    I switched to GLA capsules from Tropica a few months ago. The vigor I see from my plants now is night and day. You need tweezers to insert into the substrate, I use an old chopstick set. My stem plants especially the rotala species are looking much larger in terms of the leaves, the stem girth is noticeably larger and more robust. Not so soft anymore. My only wish is for them to create a solution for feeding rhizome plants or epiphytes that do not root into substrate. I dont prefer to dose my water column any more and is why i use fert tablets only. I have used every damn tablet on the market and decided to give these a try. These are the only ones worth leaving a review about because Im finally happy.:)

  • 5

    Where have you been all my life!

    Posted by John Hunter on 9th Feb 2021

    These babies are freaking awesome. You get a pack of 40 which to me is terrific. You will need a set of tweezers to push them into the soil but once they are in your plants are going to thank you with lush growth. My main reason for leaving this review was because my red plants have gone to level 1000 red. I wish I could post pictures here, if you could see you would buy these right now. I was using niloc fert caps but realized they contained copper and were just some dirt and plantex micros all mixed up. At the time I did not know any better, what a horrible mistake that was. This about it, a tablet with some dirt and micros, wtf? Dont be fooled by the kool Aid folks. GLA fert tabs are the cats pajamas.

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