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GLA Aquarium Canister Filter Hose Tubing - 3m/Roll

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GLA Aquarium Canister Filter Hose - 3M/Roll
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Great for use with aquarium canister filters inlet and outlet, CO2 reactors, and inline CO2 Diffusers

  • 3m length per roll
  • select size 12/16mm ID/OD or 16/22mm ID/OD filter hose size
  • clear, transparent, smooth
  • flexible and erosion resistant, rugged

Customer Reviews

8 reviews

  • 5

    Perfect tubing!

    Posted by Raul Mendez on 23rd Aug 2022

    Finally I find actual 16/22mm tubing. Ive bought so much tubing claimed to be 16/22mm. Not even the Oase tubing was 16/22mm, its some kind of off version of 5/8". So stupid they label it as 16/22mm when its clearly not. Long story short I bought this, its was freakin perfect. Measured perfect and fit all the damn 16/22mm parts I had. Love it!

  • 5

    So much better than stock Oase tubing

    Posted by Mike on 9th Dec 2021

    excited to put this on my glass inlet and outlets for my 45u way easier to straighten out I didn't even need to use heat. The Oase tubing I am not sure how people get straight this is 100 times better.

  • 5

    Good stuff.

    Posted by Daniel Pinket on 10th Sep 2021

    Good filter tubing and perfect dimensions. I’ll be back for more.

  • 5

    Once again GLA knocks it out of the park.

    Posted by Lee Parsons on 3rd Sep 2021

    I found out quickly that my Oase filter tubing was not exactly 16/22mm. It even says it is which I find absolutely fascinating. After measuring with my micrometers it was slightly smaller and did not fit some of my inline components well. So I ordered this and they were absolutely correct. This is true 16/22mm tubing and it fits the GLA reactor like a custom made glove.

  • 5

    filter hose

    Posted by dave on 20th Aug 2021

    3M hose, commercial grade, enough said!

  • 5

    True to fit tubing

    Posted by Sasha on 20th Mar 2021

    This is my second go at ordering tubing for my filter after my first order was from another store. It was 5/8" tubing which many find ok to use for 16/22mm. However this is still not perfect and why I emailed GLA prior to purchase. This tubing is precisely 16/22mm, which believe it or not is quite rare. Ive emailed several stores asking for precise 16/22mm and so far only GLA is carrying this exact dimension.

  • 5

    The real deal

    Posted by Sean Hyer on 8th Feb 2021

    I needed real 16/22mm spec tubing and GLA has the rite stuff. Its near impossible to find correct 16/22mm tubing. If you think 5/8" is close enough, your dead wrong. While on paper it may not seem like much but it is. This tubing fits precisely how it should with all of my GLA diffusers. I use one inline Atomic co2 diffuser and one of the new reactors. My Oase tubing is said to be 16/22mm, and its totally not its regular 5/8" tubing. Upon accurate measuring using micrometers it measured 5/8". I emailed Oase and they are aware but slide it off as no big deal lol. WTF, to me this is not cool because if you say its 16/22mm it should be, and not some hair off 5/8" tubing. Oase tubing is not even metric, as it should be!

  • 5


    Posted by Dave Wesley on 2nd Feb 2021

    I needed 16/22mm tubing to match my GLA Co2 reactor and it was a perfect fit. I actually learned a lot by speaking with GLA and using this tubing. Fun Fact: GLA tubing is spot on spec for 16/22mm. Did you know that Oase tubing that is 5/8"? When you convert this it comes out smaller than 16/22mm, which is a huge deal! While the Oase tubing fit most my hose brarb connections it did not mesh well with the grip not on the gla co2 reactor. Thats because it was a tad smaller than actual OD of 22mm. Kudos GLA for taking the time to source legit 16/22mm tubing. From what I understand its quite the undertaking even for big brands like Oase. To verify I used digital measuring calipers on the tubing, they were absolutely correct!

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