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GLA Aquarium Canister Filter Hose Tubing - 3m/Roll

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GLA Aquarium Canister Filter Hose - 3M/Roll
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Great for use with aquarium canister filters inlet and outlet, CO2 reactors, and inline CO2 Diffusers

  • 3m length per roll
  • select size 12/16mm ID/OD or 16/22mm ID/OD filter hose size
  • clear, transparent, smooth
  • flexible and erosion resistant, rugged

Customer Reviews

8 reviews

  • 5

    Perfect tubing!

    Finally I find actual 16/22mm tubing. Ive bought so much tubing claimed to be 16/22mm. Not even the Oase tubing was 16/22mm, its some kind of off version of 5/8". So stupid they label it as 16/22mm when its clearly not. Long story short I bought this, its was freakin perfect. Measured perfect and fit all the damn 16/22mm parts I had. Love it!

  • 5

    So much better than stock Oase tubing

    excited to put this on my glass inlet and outlets for my 45u way easier to straighten out I didn't even need to use heat. The Oase tubing I am not sure how people get straight this is 100 times better.

  • 5

    Good stuff.

    Good filter tubing and perfect dimensions. I’ll be back for more.

  • 5

    Once again GLA knocks it out of the park.

    I found out quickly that my Oase filter tubing was not exactly 16/22mm. It even says it is which I find absolutely fascinating. After measuring with my micrometers it was slightly smaller and did not fit some of my inline components well. So I ordered this and they were absolutely correct. This is true 16/22mm tubing and it fits the GLA reactor like a custom made glove.

  • 5

    filter hose

    3M hose, commercial grade, enough said!

  • 5

    True to fit tubing

    This is my second go at ordering tubing for my filter after my first order was from another store. It was 5/8" tubing which many find ok to use for 16/22mm. However this is still not perfect and why I emailed GLA prior to purchase. This tubing is precisely 16/22mm, which believe it or not is quite rare. Ive emailed several stores asking for precise 16/22mm and so far only GLA is carrying this exact dimension.

  • 5

    The real deal

    I needed real 16/22mm spec tubing and GLA has the rite stuff. Its near impossible to find correct 16/22mm tubing. If you think 5/8" is close enough, your dead wrong. While on paper it may not seem like much but it is. This tubing fits precisely how it should with all of my GLA diffusers. I use one inline Atomic co2 diffuser and one of the new reactors. My Oase tubing is said to be 16/22mm, and its totally not its regular 5/8" tubing. Upon accurate measuring using micrometers it measured 5/8". I emailed Oase and they are aware but slide it off as no big deal lol. WTF, to me this is not cool because if you say its 16/22mm it should be, and not some hair off 5/8" tubing. Oase tubing is not even metric, as it should be!

  • 5


    I needed 16/22mm tubing to match my GLA Co2 reactor and it was a perfect fit. I actually learned a lot by speaking with GLA and using this tubing. Fun Fact: GLA tubing is spot on spec for 16/22mm. Did you know that Oase tubing that is 5/8"? When you convert this it comes out smaller than 16/22mm, which is a huge deal! While the Oase tubing fit most my hose brarb connections it did not mesh well with the grip not on the gla co2 reactor. Thats because it was a tad smaller than actual OD of 22mm. Kudos GLA for taking the time to source legit 16/22mm tubing. From what I understand its quite the undertaking even for big brands like Oase. To verify I used digital measuring calipers on the tubing, they were absolutely correct!

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