Aquarium CO2 Reactor - 16/22mm


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External CO2 reactor for high efficiency CO2 dissolution by internal whirlpool waterflow, allowing 100% CO2 dissolution in aquarium water. Made of highest quality food grade materials.

  • mount outside aquarium tank, inline within outflow tubing of canister filter

  • fits tubing size 16/22mm ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter)
  • height: 15 inches (375mm)
  • diameter: 4.5 inches (116mm)
  • volume: 2.5 liters

4 Reviews

Terry Williams 18th Jan 2020

Outstanding co2 reactor

I purchased this reactor to go with my Pro-DS co2 regulator. I really like this reactor because it keeps co2 stable in my 180g tank. My previous co2 reactor was simply to small to handle the co2 going into it. Simple installation and very cool whirlpool effect it creates inside. It also looks cool unlike the rest you will see on the interwebs:) Very high quality unit.

Eva Simons 15th Jan 2020

Excellent co2 reactor.

This is my first time using a co2 reactor so I dont have any other reactor to compare it to. However I was using a ceramic style co2 diffuser and I was not fond of the constant cleaning or the bubbles flying all around. This reactor totally saturates the co2 prior to going into your aquarium. I dont see not a single bubble exiting the reactor. I like the cool whirlpool effect it creates and Im guessing this motion is what saturates the water with co2. Installation is really easy and the instruction diagram was great, although not really needed because the its pretty straight forward. Cant wait to see my plants take off now! They are already pearling after only 1hr of using the co2 reactor. Gotta love that!

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