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Transparent Green CO2 Resistant Aquarium Tubing (10 feet)

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Transparent Green CO2 Resistant Aquarium Tubing (10 feet)
Transparent Green CO2 Resistant Aquarium Tubing (10 feet)
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Transparent Green CO2 Resistant Aquarium Tubing (10 feet)
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Transparent Green CO2 resistant tubing. High pressure rated. Perfect for use with Atomic brand CO2 equipment.

Sold in 10 foot sections. $20 per every 10 feet.

Ships as non-cut, continuous lengths up to 50 feet.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews

  • 5

    Made in USA colored c02 tubing

    I love the quality , look and feel of this tubing. The green color works well with my in tank diffuser and blends well with the plants. It also fits GLA and Atomic accessories perfectly. No worries about leaks.

  • 5

    The best aquarium co2 tubing.

    Not only once again GLA knocks it out with US made co2 tubing, lab grade. This tubing is branded with GLA branding and looks great with the co2 system. Im a huge fan of this green for my tanks because it just looks so damn good. The best I can describe it is a jade/crystal green color. It holds its shape and does not balloon under on/off cycles like cheap co2 tubing does. This is what causes leaks so you want to make absolutely sure your using quality co2 tubing.

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