GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide Blades)

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GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide Blades)
GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide Blades)
GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide Blades)
GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide Blades)
GLA Pro-Scissor Wave 200mm (Tungsten Carbide Blades)
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Precision made stainless steel, professional series 'Pro-scissor' designed for maintenance of planted tank aquascape. Aquatic plants need regular pruning & trimming to maintain aquascape.

Wave type scissors ideal for low-angle trimming of low-growing, foreground carpet plants, and for high-angle trimming of plants in smaller aquariums.

Scissors feature tungsten carbide cutting edge insert in each blade. Tungsten carbide inserts provide extra sharpness, precision & durability. Tungsten carbide is the hardest metal known to man, it's hardness is close to that of a diamond. It is one of best-known materials for precision cutting. Tungsten carbide is known for its ability to retain an extremely sharp edge for an extended amount of time. The blades never need sharpening as long as they are used as intended, for trimming of aquascape.

Finger loops specifically designed for comfort and proper fit in hand, perform trimming tasks with ease. Sharpness of blades ideal for trimming plants with minimal damage to delicate molecules.

Our professional selection of stainless steel aquarium tools are designed to be a lifetime purchase for the professional aquarist. With proper care and maintenance these tools will last, function beautifully, and the tungsten carbide blades will maintain sharpness to minimize damage and stress to plants.

Please follow our manufacturer recommended care & maintenance guidelines for our stainless steel tools:

Use instruments only for the purpose they were designed for.

Handle instruments gently - avoid bouncing, dropping or over-straining.

Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, highly abrasive cleaners or detergents with a high pH (B-9) as this will damage the passive layer or skin of your instrument. The so-called passivation process during manufacturing forms a thin protective film on the surface of the stainless steel instrument.

To prevent corrosion or injuries of the instruments, we recommend to use a soft brush and neutral or non-

aggressive detergents.

Please immediately dry the instrument after this procedure by using a soft and dry cotton cloth. Any remaining moisture, particularly in the box locks, hinges and crevices may result in corrosion.

Never mix stainless steel instruments with instruments of dissimilar material (carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum). If a plated instrument is chipped or peeled an electrolytic action will carry particles from the exposed metal on to the surface of the stainless steel instrument. To eliminate problem replace all plated instruments with stainless steel, if possible.

Immediately after cleaning, dip instruments in a water-soluble lubricant such as Instrument Milk, Preplube etc.

Cleaning by hand is efficient, if it is carried out properly.

Always make sure to use only those chemicals and solutions which are compatible with stainless steel hand instruments.

Customer Reviews

14 reviews

  • 5

    The best aquascaping tools available.

    Posted by Bob McDermott on 26th Jun 2023

    As mentioned if you dont know GLA tools are premium tools. These are not your junk generic tools everybody has. These are the real deal, made for legit profesional aquascapers. Not just a tool to look the job, they make tools to do the job precisely. These wave scissors are 3x the price as my ADA wave scissor. In my humble opinion GLA scissors are much better. GLA tools are worth every penny.

  • 5

    GLA tools are on strage with ADA and thats a fact.

    Posted by Hassan Muhammad on 24th Oct 2022

    Having owning several of ADA finest tools I can attest to the quality of GLA. Very sharp and tungsten coated. You need a diamond polisher to sharpen these blades. Luckily you will never have to. The curve is superb on this wave scissor. You see all the generic tools everywhere? You think, they look the same, but look closer. The form,fit and finish is everything. Good balance, very sharp and the new logo work not pictured here is exceptionally nice. GLA, you guys should show people they would buy more lol. In all seriousness, the Pro line from GLA is the real deal. They are providing a high quality tool at a fraction of the competitors price(ADA).

  • 5

    Profesional aquascaping tools from GLA.

    Posted by Michell Dean on 11th Sep 2022

    I have a few tools from GLA now, these are my favorite. I h ave a number of Amazon specials including Tropica wave scissor. Frankly they all suck. These GLA wave scissors are a very impressive wave, super curvy so pay close attention at how curved these are. Perfect for mowing any carpet flat. GLA tools are top of the class in aquascaping tools.

  • 5

    These are very nice scissors for carpet and stem maintenance.

    Posted by Alan Yang on 4th Sep 2022

    This is a very high quality profesional tool. GLA tools are a significant step above the other tools you see. These feel like real working tools that are sharp and look very nice. I like the new GLA logo work. Unfortunately you dont see it here in the listing, its so cool.

  • 5

    Top of the line.

    Posted by Jim Bancroft on 30th Aug 2022

    made all my Amazon tools look like doodoo. GLA tools are way nicer! Mowed my HC lawn as if it was a weed whacker.

  • 5

    Very fine quality, sharp!

    Posted by Dave Chow on 26th Aug 2022

    This is a very high quality aquascaping scissor. Blades are coated with tungsten, and its visible to the eye. Very strong and very clean cut. Stem plants suffer no damage, always clean cut. I clean with alcohol and coconut oil after every use. Also, beautiful new artwork on the new wave scissor. GLA should update the photo so they can see the new cool art work. Its very cool!

  • 5

    Top Shelf aquascaping tools.

    Posted by Brian McBride on 21st Jun 2022

    I had no idea it could be this good. I went to my LFS and took a gander at the ADA tools and was able to check them out in person. But I was not about to spend $165 for a pair of scissors. The LFS owner showed me is GLA Wave scissor they use in the tanks and was blown away. They are exactly the same. I held them side by side and you could not see any difference. Except the price lol.

  • 5

    Worth much more than what they are asking.

    Posted by Oswaldo Torres on 14th Jun 2022

    First, I own ADA wave scissors. Go look how much those will cost you. Then come back to this page, because this is the exact same scissor as ADA at half the price. It has Tungsten Carbide blades for the ultimate in precision. You will not find that on any other tools on the market. The curve is precisly how it should be, not like what you see with the cheap stuff. These feel like a well made precision tool in your hands that makes trimming HC or Monte Carlo a breeze.

  • 5

    Wow! 10 stars GLA!

    Posted by Alise Benhem on 3rd Apr 2022

    Yes they are expensive, and worth every penny. I knew they would be good but not this good. I love the new design they have and my plants are cut with extreme care. The only comparable scissor is ADA, and its 3x the price! 10 Stars GLA!

  • 5

    The best in aquascaping tools.

    Posted by Alise Wilkerson on 31st Mar 2022

    So, all my other tools that I thought were great are total garbage. My kids 3rd grade tools were much nicer once I got my hands on GLA tools. The scissors GLA makes are nothing like all the cheap competitors. I was skeptical at first, so I emailed GLA to ask. The price reflects the quality 100%. Totally different feel, a sharpness only a seamstress could appreciate. The blades on GLA tools are ultra sharp and you can visually see the tungsten carbide blades. Ok, the pinsettes. Totally different feel and so much easier to plant. They dont feel nothing like the wimpy noodly tools you see for $15-$20. I know know GLA means quality. Not some bunk stuff Ive been buying all along. GLA is top shelf people.

  • 5

    These are the best aquascaping tools.

    Posted by Jerome K. on 11th Mar 2022

    Short and sweet review. GLA aquascaping tools are the very best next to ADA, only half the cost. All the other brands I have are all absolute dookie. I did not know that aquascaping tools could be this nice, so pumped I tried these babies because they are surgical precision sharp. People, these are pro grade tools, not the junk you see from everyone else for $20. Besides, what kind of quality do you expect for $20 scissors? Rest assured my wife will not be finding these bad boys. 10 stars!

  • 5

    Superior in every way

    Posted by Damon on 3rd Feb 2020

    This is one of those things you just have to hold in your hand to see for yourself. I can say these are the best tools I have ever used. I have a huge pile of generic tools from Seachem and UNS, GLA tools are way better in every way possible. They dont come in fancy packaging, but they will blow your mind on how precise and sharp they are. The fit is absolutely perfect. The Tungsten Carbide blades cant be beat. These are worth every penny and more.

  • 5

    Blown away!

    Posted by Dave Overhultz on 22nd Jan 2020

    Im not exactly sure how to get what I want to say across in a review but I will try my best. The first thing you should know is GLA tools are right on level with ADA tools( I own both). After years of using ADA tools I thought I would give GLA a try and holy cow was I glad I did. You just cant compare GLA and ADA to all the other tools on the market. Those cheap things you see on Amazon are all the same. GLA aquascaping tools feel like professional surgical tools just like my ADA tools. They use tungsten carbide on all the blades of scissors. This makes and keeps them razor sharp, and I mean sharp. You could legit perform surgery with these. This is why you have to understand the price of these tools. They are expensive, but for good reason. Super high quality finish,form and feel. Its one of those things you have to just hold in your hand and use. The biggest thing I feel is the awesome price, why awesome? I feel its awesome because when you compare these tools to ADA price, its a no brainer. GLA is half the price of ADA tools. Knowing that it just made sense to me to buy all of them. I did not by the lower end they sell yet, but I do plan to in the future just to see what they were like. Well done GLA, these tools are amazing in every way. True fan here, thank you.

  • 5

    A must for every planted aquarium hobbyist.

    Posted by Carlos Vicente on 18th Feb 2019

    This scissor was much better than I expected, very sharp edge, very comfortable to use and great for trimming around edges and hard to reach areas. A great buy !

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