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GLA Pro-Tweezer L-Curve 300mm

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GLA Pro-Tweezer L-Curve 300mm
GLA Pro-Tweezer L-Curve 300mm
GLA Pro-Tweezer L-Curve 300mm
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GLA Pro-Tweezer L-Curve 300mm
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Precision made stainless steel, professional series pinsettes designed for installation & maintenance of planted tank aquascape.

Curve type pinsettes designed to assist planting in more difficult areas of the aquascape, between driftwood and stones.

Size 'L' 300mm length

Designed for comfort and proper fit in hand. Features excellent spring strength and precision tip. Makes planting of layout agile and efficient.

Our professional selection of stainless steel aquarium tools are designed to be a lifetime purchase for the professional aquarist. With proper care and maintenance these tools will last, function beautifully.

Please follow our manufacturer recommended care & maintenance guidelines for our stainless steel tools:

Use instruments only for the purpose they were designed for.

Handle instruments gently - avoid bouncing, dropping or over-straining.

Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, highly abrasive cleaners or detergents with a high pH (B-9) as this will damage the passive layer or skin of your instrument. The so-called passivation process during manufacturing forms a thin protective film on the surface of the stainless steel instrument.

To prevent corrosion or injuries of the instruments, we recommend to use a soft brush and neutral or non-

aggressive detergents.

Please immediately dry the instrument after this procedure by using a soft and dry cotton cloth. Any remaining moisture, particularly in the box locks, hinges and crevices may result in corrosion.

Never mix stainless steel instruments with instruments of dissimilar material (carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum). If a plated instrument is chipped or peeled an electrolytic action will carry particles from the exposed metal on to the surface of the stainless steel instrument. To eliminate problem replace all plated instruments with stainless steel, if possible.

Immediately after cleaning, dip instruments in a water-soluble lubricant such as Instrument Milk, Preplube etc.

Cleaning by hand is efficient, if it is carried out properly.

Always make sure to use only those chemicals and solutions which are compatible with stainless steel hand instruments.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews

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    Great for RSI

    Posted by onlywei on 30th Jun 2023

    The amount of force needed to squeeze these tweezers is much less than cheaper ones you can find on Amazon. I have RSI in my thumb, so when I squeeze too hard it hurts. That means it hurts when I use the cheap tweezers from Amazon, but I experience no pain when using these tweezers from GLA. Worth every penny.

  • 5


    Posted by Brent on 2nd Dec 2022

    Work very well and look super cool.

  • 5

    Pro-Pinsettes L Curve 300mm

    Posted by Scott Jones on 12th Jan 2019

    love them. Great feel in my hand.

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