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Nature Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Kit

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GLA Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Kit
GLA Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Kit
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Glass planted aquarium CO2 drop checker.

Use to measure CO2 levels at-a-glance.


One (1) Suction Cup

One (1) bottle of pH Indicator Reagent (10 mL)

**We recommend you also purchase GLA 4dKH analytical standard to create proper CO2 Indicator fluid to use in drop checker. 

Customer Reviews

4 reviews

  • 5

    Adjusting co2 levels was easy with this!

    My first time using co2 and this is a must have piece. Removes all the guesswork in adjusting your co2 levels. Make sure to grab the 4DKH!

  • 5


    Very good quality and fast shipping. I ordered on Thursday and it arrived to my on Saturday! You do need to buy the 4DKH solution with this. You will be glad y ou did because GLA 4DKH solution is super good, I mean really good quality. You find it here, If you get these two its a winning combo. You cant ever go wrong with GLA. Loyal customer here since 2007:) Thanks guys!

  • 5

    Very good quality

    Set this up with GLA 4DKH solution and it has been super responsive. Im sure all the glass vessels are the same so I think it has mostly to do with GLA's 4DKH drop checker solution. The 4DKH GLA makes is the most high quality accurate 4DKH solution I have used and I have used every single one. I tested the 4DKH with my HANNA instruments tester and its the most accurate 4DKH solution on the market. This is my 4th drop checker from GLA and Im always satisfied.

  • 5

    Fantastic working drop checker

    Excellent quality and very happy with the drop checker. The really great thing is the 4DKH GLA makes that you will require for this drop checker. GLA makes the best 4DKH solution I have ever used. Cant go wrong with this winning combo. Very happy:)

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