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GLA Super Check Valve - Inline Check Valve

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GLA Super Check Valve - Inline Check Valve
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GLA Super Check Valve permits flow of CO2 in one direction only. Use with a pressurized aquarium CO2 system to protect your equipment. Compatible with our GLA CO2 resistant tubing.

Customer Reviews

16 reviews

  • 2

    Check Valve

    The check Valve has given out in less than 2 months. Water is reaching my regulator, but since the bubble counter itself has a check Valve I am safe for now. Not worth it for 20$.

  • 5

    Heavy duty valve.

    Very nice and extremely heavy duty. This guy is literally heavy, and GLA tubing is perfect fit. Super happy with this one.

  • 5

    Heavy duty and always working.

    This is my new favorite check valve for my reactor. Its stainless steel and the seals always working.

  • 5

    Excellent product

    For those who are wondering, the LARGE METAL END points towards the DIFFUSER. With that being said, within 5 minutes of messaging customer service, they sent a response to answer my question. Product is heavy and well built compared to other (even other brand name) check valves. 5 star.

  • 5

    Last check valve you will ever need.

    Check valves have always been a pain in the ass for me until this one arrived. Its heavy, and it feels substantial and everyday its always working. Instead of me freaking because water had passed the check valve. Not with this bad boy, I just ordered 3 more just because.

  • 4

    Almost Perfect

    Compared to other check valves, the weight alone shows that is a solid and high quality product. I gave it 4/5 stars simply due to there is an engraving that makes no sense to me that symbolizes which direction to connect it. At the very least, the company could add a picture to the purchase product online indicating which direction to face it. For anyone else wondering the same, the silver part faces the CO2 diffuser.

  • 5

    The best co2 check valve.

    Every check valve fails, but this freaking thing is working flawlessly.

  • 5

    Definitely my favorite check valve from now on.

    Check valves are a pain in my ass because Im always buying them every year. I came across this bad boy and I feel like this is the one. Its heavy, and only works with real co2 tubing. GLA actually is the only provider of US made co2 tubing, and it fits like a glove to this check valve. It has a super low cracking pressure and is always rock solid day in and day out. I cant say the same for all my other shit box check valves. This sucka is the jam pony!

  • 5

    Best check valve Ive used.

    I hate check valves because I feel Im always replacing them. Ive been using this valve for a few weeks now and its been more than perfect. Its very rock solid and heavy and you can tell the internals are well made just by design. This is a super valve indeed.

  • 5

    Superb check valve they should call it!

    Not sure what more you could want from a check valve? Well I will tell you. You want one easy to install, made of durable materials and low cracking pressure. Thats what yo9u get with this valve. Its perfect.

  • 5

    Durable check valve

    Much more heavy duty that all my other check valves. Slips right into my co2 tubing and works as it should.

  • 5

    Its perfect

    I dont know what to say, I needed a check valve so I got this one. It works just as it supposed to and no problems to date. Although its only been a few months. Nonetheless its been great. Its very well made with stainless internals so nothing will rust or seize up.

  • 5


    Yet another fine product from, GLA. High quality and easy to place inline.

  • 5

    Super nice

    This is a really good check valve. Low cracking pressure so you can use for co2 system or air pump systems. I have mine now for several months working like a champ.

  • 5

    Got this to replace a cheap amazon one that was failing

    Got this to replace a cheap amazon one that was rattling. Have it for about 6 months and is working as a clock

  • 5

    GLA Super Check Valve

    Orlando and all of the products he sells are above and beyond expectations. this check valve is the nicest that I have ever used and I doubt I will have any problems with it in my lifetime. If I do, I will definitely come back for another.

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