GLA Modular Manifold Blocks

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*we expect to have these back in stock for shipment early June 2020

Our GLA manifold blocks make it easy to expand CO2 distribution to up to five aquariums. Each block contains our custom built-in needle valve and bubble counter to direct supply of CO2 to an additional aquarium, independently.

DISCLAIMER: GLA manifold blocks are proprietary to GLA GRO, PRO, PRO-SS, & MINI-SS series CO2 regulators exclusively.



5 Reviews

Long 19th Apr 2020

Additionally manifold

I recently just set up a new tank with a sump. I need another manifold block to my set up. I place an order. I got my order in 3 days. I also got the co2 reactor with it as well. Installation was very simple. Just remove the 2 Allen wrench screws. Add the new block in and use the new Allen wrench screws and that's it. Do not try to take out the Philip head screw. You will risk striping the head, it is on very tight. Also there is no point in removing the Philip head screw.

Andrew 24th Feb 2020


Awesome thingy. It works great. No more need for a separate bubble counter or check valve. Very happy with this product. Easy to install.

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