GLA Modular Manifold Blocks

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Our GLA manifold blocks make it easy to expand CO2 distribution to up to five aquariums. Each block contains our custom built-in needle valve and bubble counter to direct supply of CO2 to an additional aquarium, independently.

DISCLAIMER: GLA manifold blocks are proprietary to GLA GRO, PRO, PRO-SS, & MINI-SS series CO2 regulators exclusively, these blocks will not work with previous GLA models or third-party regulators.



4 Reviews

Andrew 24th Feb 2020


Awesome thingy. It works great. No more need for a separate bubble counter or check valve. Very happy with this product. Easy to install.

Jason 23rd Jan 2020

Manifold blocks

These manifold blocks are an awesome add on to a regulator that is already one of the best in the business. Having the option to add up to 4 more individually adjustable lines makes the initial investment in the regulator an even more solid deal.

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