GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 120cm tank)

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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 120cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 120cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 120cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 120cm tank)
GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Filter (for 120cm tank)
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GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L - Stainless Steel Aquarium Canister Jet Filter

  • Designed for 100cm to 120cm nature aquarium tank
  • Experience GLA's Infinite Nature aquarium canister filter, solid stainless steel professional aquarium canister filter with strong suction, adjustable water speed and high filtration capacity/capability for freshwater planted aquariums.
  • Modern, innovative design encourages richly oxygenated water to activate colonization of beneficial bacteria and promote biological filtration.
  • External pump design reduces internal heat transfer and protect beneficial bacteria for improved biological filtration.
  • Heavy duty and super silent aquarium pump design
  • Handcrafted stainless steel perfection for everyday life, designed to last.
  • Elite performance and distinct elegance, exquisitely built to last and never look back.


  • Series: GLA Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity / Filtration Volume: 15L
  • Compatible Aquarium Length Recommendation: 100cm - 120cm tank
  • External Size: 22 x 54cm (includes pump height)
  • Diameter: 22cm
  • Canister Height (without lid cover and pump): 40cm
  • Height with Pump: 54cm
  • Inlet / Inflow: 16/22mm hose size (single inlet)
  • Outlet / Outflow: 16/22mm hose size (single outlet)
  • Included Pump: DC Pump 24V, 4-25W
  • Power Input: AC100 – 240V
  • Flow Rate: 100 - 3500L/H, max 925GPH (adjustable flow)
  • Maximum Pump Head (Hmax): 3.5m
  • Operation Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Operation Noise: Super Silent Design Pump
  • for Freshwater Aquariums use only

Contents Included in Box

  • Stainless Canister, includes: Canister O-ring and seat, welded buckles, and welded inflow opening
  • Stainless Canister Top Panel/Plate (lid), includes: DC pump head with attachment accessories, and welded outflow opening
  • Hose bands/clips
  • Filtration hose for inflow and outflow - single 3m length section included
  • Stainless upper and lower strainer inserts for canister
  • (inflow and outflow filter pipes are not included)
  • (filtration media is not included)
    Infinite Nature Filter SS/15L   Infinite Nature Filter SS/22L
Material   Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel
Capacity   15L   22L
Aquarium Length   up to 120cm   up to 200cm
Diameter   22cm   26cm
Total Height   54cm   54cm
Inflow   16/22mm   16/22mm
Inlet   Single Inlet   Double Inlet
Outflow   12/16mm or 16/22mm   12/16mm or 16/22mm
Pump    DC 24V, 4-25W   DC 24V, 4-35W
Flow Rate    3500L/h adjustable   5000L/h adjustable
Hmax    3.5m   4.5m
Frequency   50/60Hz   50/60Hz
Noise   Super Silent   Super Silent


Limited Warranty: The limited warranty period of two (2) years commences on the original purchase date and covers material and workmanship defects of the canister filter or failure of the pump to operate during the duration of the limited warranty period. The limited warranty does not cover failure or problems related to: improper installation or improper use, modification, unauthorized repairs, normal wear and tear, failure to follow safety, care and maintenance instructions, improper treatment or handling, product misuse, damages to the pump resulting from improper use, water damages or dry operation. Customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with warranty claims. A warranty repair or replacement of parts will be authorized per GLA discretion and does not extend or renew the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

20 reviews

  • 5

    Last filter you'll ever need

    Posted by Alex on 16th May 2023

    Absolutely loving my new infinite nature canister filter. Build quality is excellent, the new pump is incredibly powerful, and it has the biggest media capacity of any filter I've ever used. Definitely recommend!

  • 5

    Stainless aquarium filter.

    Posted by Jermaine Brooks on 6th May 2023

    I ordered this with the GLA Infinite reactor and its is just amazing. There is nothing not to like about a GLA full system under the tank. The pump on this filter is super nice and I love the control aspect. Now its time to fill the aquascape in with more plants. Hopefully next week!

  • 5

    This is the best filter available.

    Posted by Clarence Williams on 4th May 2023

    Just took delivery and had to share my thoughts. This thing is sooooo nice! The pump is just amazing and Im using it on a full GLA co2 system with the reactor. My god its so bad ass!! Maximum filtration, super high quality all around and the controller for the pump is just awesome. Priming was fun doing it the old fashion way like I do with my Ehiem filter. The amount of media in GLA filters is just amazing, you need loads in comparison to commercial aquarium filters. To me, GLA is aiming to provide top quality to aquascapers vs toy crap. I have every piece of stainless steel GLA manufactures and its all bad ass. Quality,form and finish are all spot on. Even the aquascaping tools!

  • 5

    Its awesome.

    Posted by Gregory H. Weinstein on 11th Oct 2022

    Really pleased with this filter. Easy to set up, comes almost totally assembled. The tubing was really cool it was super soft so it bends nicely without kinking. I would prefer possibly a grey tubing something I dint have to clean as often. Yes, dirty tubes flow less water, shame on me I know. The controller is cool because I can not use this at 100% or it would blow my plants out of the tank. Im running a comfortable 25%. All you need for media is a ton of ceramic media. Dont bother with any foams or pads what a waste. You will need a lot of media lol. Ive only had it a few months and cleaned it one time. I made a set of my own filter pipes so I suspect I will not touch this very much. Wife says its the nicest thing I own and wished I took care of her like I look at my filter.

  • 5

    Now this is a filter.

    Posted by Jacob Smith on 4th Sep 2022

    Finally. a filter that applies large filter media to the basic concept of filtration. Big power from these pumps, all controllable by a variable speed controller. Highly recommend this filter.

  • 5

    Best filter I’ve ever experienced.

    Posted by Miles Cox on 6th Jul 2022

    I still use a couple of Oase filters, but not much longer. I’ll be replacing all my filters with GLA filters. These are epic beauties, huge powerful pumps are very very powerful. I tried running at 100% power and it was blowing my substrate around. And that’s with the GLA media bag completely packed full. It’s been a year now and I’ve only cleaned my filter once. Tank is spotless! And my dead spots are non existent. I only wish it came with those quick disconnects valves. Otherwise totally impressed with GLA product line it truly does shine above the rest.

  • 5

    Very good filtration.

    Posted by Oswaldo Torres on 14th Jun 2022

    Very good filtration system. I think I bought a size larger than I needed. I like that they include large media bags. My gosh does it hold a ton of media, be ready for it to be heavy. I’d advise buying the quick disconnects they hav because it makes cleaning the media much easier. The bonus is the matching co2 reactors they now have. My cabinet is looking super nice.

  • 5

    You will love this filter!

    Posted by Jessica Mara on 9th May 2022

    Husband approved lol! Very large and very powerful. The amount of media it carried is unreal. Water is crystal clear. It also matches all my kitchen appliances lol

  • 5

    Super nice and get ready for superior filtration.

    Posted by Natasha Williams on 30th Mar 2022

    Im no expert in canister filters but I do own 2 others, one older Eheim which I still love and one newer Oase, that I do not care fore. If your on the fence thinking of Oase I offer my warning to you. Get ready to clean it regularly with the ridiculous prefilter. Its an absolute nightmare. The GLA filter is not all fancy and plastic. But it makes up for that in epic stainless steel canister thats virtually unbreakable. The pump is super powerful. I cant even use it at 100% because it will just blow my tanks guts all around. Its not nearly as quiet as an Osase, but right on PAR with any external DC pump. I use a lot of DC pumps on my reef tank. One thing I like about this filter is you dont have to use the pump it comes with. You can use any pump you want by simply attaching the tubing to the filter. For shits in giggles I hooked up a 3000GPH pump I used to use on my reef tank and could not believe how well it handheld the flow. Impressive work GLA:)

  • 5

    Much nicer than my Oase filter.

    Posted by Roberto Bastos on 14th Feb 2022

    My tank required much more filter media as I felt the Oase was lacking in this obvious feature. I needed big water movement with large capacity and nothing else I found compared. Its now up and running only 3 weeks but the performance is amazing. Water is super clear but more importantly the dead spots are no more.

  • 5

    The best in filtration.

    Posted by Paul Huntsman on 11th Jan 2022

    This was a big investment for me and it was worth every penny. This filter outshines my Biomaster. Even though it does not have built in heating it still outclasses the rest. Massive media capability and a variable speed pump you can control. I use this filter on my 150g tank and I run the pump at 60%. Exceptional filtration by GLA.

  • 5

    An aquscapers dream filter.

    Posted by Raul Santiago. on 24th Dec 2021

    As an aquascaper I wanted the best filter I could have. I looked at Oase filters but then saw ADG's video in regards to filtration. This filter is maximum power and holds more media than several Oase Biomasters. The pump on this thing is a beast, absolutely silent. I use my pump at 40% power and it just pushes water out like no other filter I have used. Was pumped to learn these filters are assembled and packaged by GLA. No surprise considering how well everything was done. I wanted to leave this review on Christmas eve, because Im buying my second one today for my new Waterbox tank that just arrived!

  • 5

    My god!

    Posted by Jesse Lopez on 21st Dec 2021

    I did not expect what arrived to my house to be this incredible. Beautiful everything. The pump is very powerful and super quiet. This is an aquascapers dream filter. Do not be mistaken for traditional plastic style canister filers. These filters will house many pounds of your favorite filter media. There is nothing to complain about here, GLA served this up on a platter and I feel warm and fuzzy all over. In fact, I relive this moment everyday. I can say this filter has changed my outlook on aquascaping.

  • 5

    Nature aquarium filtration at its finest!

    Posted by Esther Reyes on 17th Dec 2021

    Replaced my Oase Biomaster with this and holy cow people. Extremely powerful pump thats fully controllable. I dont even use this pump at 40% filled with maximum media. Its beutiful, its extremely well packaged and the instructions were super easy. Best of all this filter is super quiet. Do note you will need a lot of media to fill this, 100x more than what you would typically use for a basket style canister filter. Im in love!

  • 5

    Don't buy OASE 600, get this instead!!!!

    Posted by Kevin on 15th Nov 2021

    Awesome filter! I bought this filter to replace a new OASE 600 which I was totally dissatisfied with. The GLA Infinite Nature filter is extremely silent and circulates the water in my 120cm tank very well. The motor is variable drive which means I can control the output. I find I can only run at about 50% with my lilly pipes but, it's nice to have extra circulation power if needed.

  • 5

    Love everything about this nature aquarium filter.

    Posted by Jeff Juarez on 11th Nov 2021

    Absolutely the most beautiful piece of aquarium equipment I own. Setup was straight forward and simple, I loved every second of the process. The filter is extremely heavy duty, very heavy. You’ll need more filter media than your typically use to using on conventional plastic media basket style filters. I’ve owned this filter long enough to have to clean it 3 times now. I use a massive filter media bag and just pull the bag out and splash around in clean RO water bucket. I do think the process will be much easier when the quick disconnects arrive, can’t wait. I’m ordering the super big version they have on the way for my 400g tank. I have no doubt these are the best aquarium filters on the planet. The pumps are fully adjustable and superbly quiet. GLA also stocks pumps and pump parts so I like knowing that. I like everything about it, it just sucks my other tanks now have these cheesy plastic filters I can’t stand to look at now lol

  • 5

    Amazing high quality nature aquarium filter.

    Posted by Mike Hetrick on 9th Nov 2021

    Came across GLA’s filter line and pulled the trigger couple months ago. I really like the media capacity, it’s a lot! You add your own media in any way you like. Since my tank was new I started with 70% carbon and 30% biological. Next month it will be full biological once things settle in. Setup was easy and the pump may I add is very powerful at full throttle. The pump controller allows for easy adjustment of your GPH. This filter is absolutely amazing,heavy duty and will last you a lifetime of use. These filters are absolutely beautiful.

  • 5

    A true nature aquarium filter.

    Posted by Mona Forest on 5th Nov 2021

    The GLA Infinite stainless steel canister filter is the absolute best filter you could trust is going to last. Pictures do no justice, this filter is a monster filter. Thanks to gla for the support in picking the right filter for my needs. Awesome!

  • 5

    Aquascaping supplies like no other at a great price.

    Posted by Emmet Young on 17th Sep 2021

    This purchase was an afterthought. I already had a canister filter but was already buying a GLA DS co2 system. I wanted to use a co2 reactor with my new aquascape and my current filter was slightly dated and not the correct fit. I bit the bullet and went with GLA's Nature aquarium canister filter. Folks, this is no junkie plastic filter. This is an industrial grade filter that will be handed down to my family when Im gone. I asked GLA if they stock replacement parts for the pumps and they in fact do. The filters do not come with filter pipes but I understand why. You cant apply jsut any filter pipe assembly with all the various tanks sizes available. Thankfully they have the perfect solution for my tanks depth. You can pack large amounts of filter media in these filters. I like that they dont have those silly internal baskets. In my previose aquascapes I would find baby shrimp that lived in the bypass areas of the filter. These areas were zones in which the water was not getting filtered. Although I was amazed I found shrimp thriving in these tiny spaces. WIth the GLA stainless canister filters you get zero bypass, 100% filtered water. Needless to say my tank is sparking clear and the pump is tremendously powerful, but adjustable. So glad I found GLA for all my aquascping needs. You will too.

  • 5

    Premium nature aquarium filter.

    Posted by Richard Lee on 13th Sep 2021

    I was skeptical at first but have waited several weeks for the GLA debut. I ordered this filter next day air to Atlanta. Let me first say that I own ADA superjets. The GLA filters are precisely the same except the pump system they use is totally different. The pump on this filter has a pump controller in which you are able to adjust flow up or down and a pause setting for feeding the fish. The ADA packaging was very nice and much different than the GLA packaging. GLA's packaging was on par with ADA but with a different feel, more artistic in its approach and I can appreciate that. I wanted to save the box but because the box is glued shut you kind of end up tearing it up. Yep, here I am complaining about packaging. The packaging was absolutely amazing, well protected and almost excessive, but again I can appreciate that. It will require some basic assembly of about 3 minutes time. All the components are shipped inside the filter, so you have to open it up to find all your parts. Its amazing what fits inside but its all well packaged. You can tell they care about what they are delivering because this shipment was everything an aquascaper would dream of. GLA's aquascaping supplies are very high quality with great support to boot. You can email them anytime and they answer right away. The pump itself is very quiet for how powerful it is. You can tell these filters are built to last a lifetime. While not all fancy like an Oase filter, they are magnificent showroom quality filters. You dont want to hide this filter, you want the world to see it. Its a really great bargain for what you get. I emailed support to inquire if they will be stocking tubing double taps, and they are already have them on the way. I will certainly want to use a set of these with any canister filter. In closing, a very high quality filter with a big powerful pump bolted to the top of the filter canister. It gets no better than that.

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