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Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R - Granular Substrate Root Fertilizer

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Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R - Aquarium Substrate Enhancer (granular root tabs for aquariums)

  • The Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R, substrate enhancer / granular root tabs, provides a slow release of micronutrients and bioavailable iron to aquarium plants for lush plant growth.
  • You planted aquascape will benefit from the long term iron and trace elements for plants to use over time, reducing future deficiencies and long term maintenance
  • Plants such as crypts and swords (Echinodorus) benefit from direct nutrition to their root systems, as they prefer nutrient absorption in this manner
  • comprised of nutrient rich montmorillonite clay, with firm stable granules to withstand a slow release of the micronutrients into the substrate for longer term fertile soil for plant health
  • shrimp and fish safe, for freshwater aquariums
  • 200mL size

How to use CAL Multi-R

with the included spoon, evenly distribute 1-2 spoonful's within the base of the aquarium substrate.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews

  • 5


    Just spread it on my gravel bed above my substrate to soon to tell but makes seance andwas easy to use

  • 5

    Helped my Inert substrate

    I ordered this along with Cal Aqua Labs other additive and so far its been really nice. I use Seachem flourite and wanted a nutrient base to my substrate system. Its been a few months and I find I actually dose less fertilizer than I did with my previous tank. I leave town for work quite often and this system has been a life saver. I dont rely on my wife to dose my tank and everything seems well and stable. Really enjoying Cal Aqua Labs Multi_r and Substrex.

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