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Cal Aqua LABS 13mm Inline CO2 Diffuser


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CAL AQUA LABS has revolutionized CO2 diffusion in the planted aquarium and has set the highest standards in design and quality with their Inline CO2 Diffuser. The Inline CO2 Diffuser is designed to attach inline to your canister outflow, allowing for one less piece of equipment to detract from the natural beauty of your planted aquarium.

The Inline Diffuser is designed to be installed inline in the outflow tubing of the canister filter, either below the aquarium or mounted to the outside of your aquarium glass.

Hand-crafted using only the highest quality, laboratory-grade, borosilicate glass for maximum strength, durability, and visual clarity. Each piece is unique.

Features / Specifications:

Diameter: 13 mm

25 mm (1 in) diameter diffuser disc at center encased within a glass chamber.

Input and Output ports connect to 1/2" diameter tubing.

Recommended for aquariums up to 55 gallons (210 L).

Two (2) built-in attachment points for optional suction cup mounting (on outside of aquarium).

CO2 from a pressurized source is recommended.


Enhance CO2 dissolution via turbulent mixing.

Creates a fine mist of CO2 to further enhance plant absorption and growth.

Inline mounting reduces photosynthetic algae growth on diffuser disc when placed away from direct light.

Active flow around diffuser prevents debris buildup on diffuser disc.


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