Black CO2 Resistant Tubing - 10 Feet


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Black CO2 resistant tubing. High pressure rated.This is NOT silicone tubing which is highly permeable to CO2. With our CO2 resistant tubing, CO2 will not escape and every last drop of CO2 will be put to efficient use.

$10 per every 10 feet.

Perfect for use with Atomic brand CO2 equipment - tubing is rated for high pressure applications.

Bulk Pricing:

  • Buy 2 or above and get 12% off

2 Reviews

Jake Snyder 8th Aug 2019

High Quality

Well made tubing, although a touch hard to connect to my in-tank diffuser as it’s very rigid. Heating it in warm water didn’t soften it too much. I expect it to hold for many years, and would purchase again.

Jordan Thurman 8th Aug 2019

High quality

Very high quality tubing. It is a major improvement over regular airline tubing.

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