500mL (16oz) Fertilizer Dispenser


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Use for quick and easy dosing on a daily basis. Prepare fertilizer or supplement in advance, store in dispenser, and dose accurate measurements as needed. Measure just the right amount of liquid without spillage or loss of product.

To use dispensing bottle, loosen the cap from dispensing chamber and gently squeeze bottle to fill measuring chamber with desired amount of liquid. Remove cap from dispensing chamber and pour.

Use for quick and easy dosing of aquarium fertilizer.

Prepare in advance, store in dispenser, and dispense accurate dose.

Hi-density polyethylene

Material meets FDA standards

500 mL (16 oz) bottle capacity

5 mL, 15 mL (1/2 oz), and 30 mL (1 oz) dispensing chamber


2 Reviews

LESTER VON LOPEZ 29th Aug 2019

Fantastic but..

I love this dispenser, I love the design and the fact that theres two separate caps for the main part and the smaller chamber. The chamber is probably the best part of it but is also its Achilles heel. The tube makes it easy to direct whatever solution you have into the ease-of-extraction chamber but it doesnt really let all the solution to escape. When I tried to dissolve my dry in here and started shaking it, I found that there was a super concentrated puddle in that small chamber. I had to siphon it out, put it in the main portion, shake again, and rinse repeat until it was completely dissolved. It is a very minor first world problem and you will only have that problem the first time you mix your solution so it's not too big a deal for me. Just frustrating when it happened to me.

Tom 15th Mar 2019

Quality blank dosing bottle

Works exactly as expected

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