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Planted Aquarium Fertilizer Guide, Fertilizer Dosing Calculator

DIY Aquarium Plant Fertilizer: Aquarium Nutrient Calculator (EI, PPS, and DIY fertilizer dosing calculator) (visit the creator's website here: Rotala Butterfly Nutrient Calculator) Plant Requirements, Nutrient Sources, Optimal Levels and Mobility, and DIY Daily Dose to Reach a Target Planted Aquarium Fertilizer Dosing Systems/Methods: PPS-Pro (Perpetual Preservation System) (visit PPS-Pro founder's website here, it's loaded with information to make your aquarium a success) Estimative …
16th Dec 2019

Featured Product: GLA Lab Certified 4°KH

GLA LAB CERTIFIED 4°KH GLA makes the highest quality lab certified 4dKH. For use in a CO2 drop checker as a CO2 level indicator fluid; when combined with pH reagent, the solution color will change from blue to green when optimal CO2 of 30ppm is achieved. …
4th Jun 2019

Learn: 16 elements vital to plants

Sixteen chemical elements are vital to a plant's growth and survival; divided into two main groups: non-mineral and mineral. Check out our complete selection of GLA Aquarium Plant Fertilizer to meet the growing needs of your aquarium plants.Non-Mineral Nutrients The Non-Mineral Nutrients are hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), & carbon (C). In a process called photosynthesis, plants use energy from the sun (or aquarium lighting) to change carbon dioxide (CO2 - carbon and oxygen) and water (H2O …
27th May 2019

Learn: Plant Nutrients & the significance of nutrient mobility

NutrientsMacronutrients: used in large quantities by the plantStructural nutrients: C, H, OPrimary nutrients: N, P, KSecondary nutrients: Ca, Mg, SMicronutrients: used in small quantities by the plantFe, B, Cu, Cl, Mn, Mo, Zn, Co, NiPlants require eighteen elements found in nature to properly grow and develop. Some of these elements are utilized within the physical plant structure, namely carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O). These elements, obtained from the air (CO2) and water (H2O), are t …
13th Feb 2019 GLA

Learn: The functions of NPK in aquarium plants

Nitrogen: found in chlorophyll, nucleic acids and amino acids; component of protein and enzymes.Phosphorus: an essential component of DNA, RNA, and phospholipids, which play critical roles in cell membranes; also plays a major role in the energy system (ATP) of plants.Potassium: plays a major role in the metabolism of the plant, and is involved in photosynthesis, drought tolerance, improved winter hardiness and protein synthesis. Nitrogen NIt is a component of chlorophyll, so when nitr …
18th Dec 2018

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