How to Install Your Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker - GLA

1. Preparation of Indicator Solution: The correct indicator solution is a combination of KH Standard / 4 degree KH (4 dKH) and pH indicator (Bromothymol Blue). With drop checker in hand, turn upside down and fill the reservoir of the drop checker approximately half full (or to level manufacturer recommends) with 4 dKH. A syringe is an ideal tool to use for this. Then, add approximately 2 – 4 drops of pH indicator (Bromothymol Blue) until a strong, TRANSPARENT blue color is achieved. T …
2nd Jul 2018

How to: Clean Atomic CO2 Diffusers

Just getting started with your  Atomic CO2 diffuser? Or maybe it's time to clean a diffuser that has been in use for a while. We have put together a few guidelines and tips to help your diffuser perform optimally. Please remember to always handle your Atomic CO2 diffuser carefully. Install and remove the tubing carefully. Do not touch the ceramic. Monitor and clean your diffuser regularly. Observe the performance and appearance of your diffuser. The in-tank type CO2 diffuser should …
1st Apr 2015

Learn: The CO2 Regulator and Aquarium CO2 System

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms bonded to a single carbon atom (O=C=O). During photosynthesis, terrestrial and aquatic plants use carbon dioxide and water, removed from the atmosphere and combined with light energy to produce oxygen and sugars. These sugars may then be consumed in respiration or used to produce polysaccharides, complex carbohydrates, such as starch, cellulose, proteins, and other organic compounds required for plant growth and developme …
1st Jan 2015

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