Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping' (Tropica tissue culture)


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Our tissue culture aquarium plants are really cool ...

GLA tissue culture plants are derived from very small pieces of mother plants & manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions, producing unique, healthy & high quality plants enclosed in a cup with a fertile gel.

GLA tissue culture plants are guaranteed free of pesticides, algae spores, rockwool, snails and other unwanted organisms. A single TC cup plant can be divided into small portions to cover a large aquascape area. Plants are compact from the start, provided proper fertilizer and CO2, you will experience dense and beautiful growth. Just don't open the plant cup to peek inside until you are ready to plant it in your tank, you don't want to contaminate it's environment!

To plant, carefully remove plant from TC cup, wash the jelly away from the plant, use sharp scissors to divide into several small portions and then plant portions into the substrate carefully with tweezers. You can also affix small portions to lava rock and push the rock carefully into the substrate.

We take pride in our plants & we only ship immaculate plants!

We take pride in our aquarium plants and are excited to offer you the finest quality plants, an expert crafted selection of unique, beautiful, and rare species to ensure your aquascape is a masterpiece. Our aquarium plants are algae, snail, disease and duckweed free. We only ship immaculate, happy, healthy plants! We look forward to sharing them with you. GLA plants will give you a great healthy start to your planted aquarium, of course you will need to research and execute the appropriate tank conditions, lighting, substrate, CO2 and nutrients etc. for your aquascape so that your plants grow and thrive and stay algae free, but that's all part of the enjoyment of the hobby of course, and we are here to help if you have any questions.

Plant Shipping & DOA Policy

For DOA policy coverage, please do not select Free Shipping for plant orders. Our Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy does not warranty plant orders shipped with Free Shipping method; GLA is not responsible for plants that arrive dead if you select Free Shipping as your shipping method. If you would like Free Shipping for your hard-goods order over $125, then please place your plant order separately and select USPS/UPS Shipping method for your plants for DOA policy coverage. We recommend you select USPS/UPS Shipping, UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2 day, or UPS 3 Day select to ensure that your plants arrive in healthy usable condition.

When the weather is HOT, GLA ships tissue culture plants with a FREE ice pack(s), we automatically include one or more ice packs in the box so your plants arrive happy!


2 Reviews

Sandy 21st Jul 2019

Excellent health and endless possibilities!

They arrived in wonderful condition. I have a few floating pumice rocks. I used very, very fine fishing line and awkwardly attached and 'tied' the moss to the pumice and weighed it down with a heavier stone , so that it hangs about, in the middle. It's slow to grow, but is greening up. It looks a bit embarrassing at the moment, but is greening up. I also have a bonsai driftwood 'tree' that I just stuck pieces in here and there and very slowly lowered into a dormant 10g. Lots of juicy stuff in the water and the filter isn't running, so hopefully, the pieces will stay in place and eventually attach and grow. Objective being to then move it to the 75 g. I want a 'weeping willow' in my 75 gallon! We can but try!!!! Thanks Greenleaf!

Michael LeClair 28th Apr 2019

arrived in beautiful condition

Arrived timely. Nice, healthy growth. All died within 48h of being submerged (other mosses, ferns, all plants in the same tank thriving, and I work with TC plants for a living so I'm familiar with handling and care there of). Not the first weeping moss I've had do this. Will be sticking with Christmas moss for this scape I guess. But it did arrive beautiful and healthy.

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