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Seiryu Stones are blueish grey in color with contrasting calcilte veins and sharp jagged edges, they are one of the most popular hardscape stones used in aquarium aquascape

The minimum order for Seiryu stones is 5 lbs (which may be as few as 1-2 stones as these stones are rather heavy in weight)

The stones we ship to you will closely match your ordered weight, but may not be exact because its a natural object. We will aim to target your weight, but may end up slightly over or slightly under.

GLA will select the stones up to your ordered weight. We will aim to provide a mixture of sizes/variety.

The listing picture above is for example only, these will not be the stones you receive in the shipment.

5 lbs may be appropriate for a smaller tank size, for larger tanks please consider ordering 10lbs+

These stones will alter aquarium pH depending on quantity, aquascape, and tank conditions. They are safe for shrimp tanks.

Want to see your rocks and driftwood prior to purchase? We can help you create an aquascape masterpiece!

GLA would love to help you select custom pieces of driftwood, rocks, and aquarium plants to create a beautiful planted aquarium aquascape. We can chat through email to determine your needs and vision, and we can email pictures and dimensions of natural aquascape decoration. Just let us know if you would like help creating a custom aquascape, email us at or send us an email through our contact form.



3 Reviews

Greg Minnor 18th Feb 2020


Very happy with the selection GLA chose for me and my aquascape. It was quite he process but i got exactly what I wanted. I understood that cherry picking an aquascape would take time and my patience paid off! I tried other vendors for stones and all the photos I received in advance were nothing like the caliber of GLA hardscape supply. You will be very happy with the process and GLA!

Mike 17th Jan 2020

Great products

Exactly as advertised. Never been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered from here. Their customer service is great and they get back to you quickly

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