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No-Planaria - Planaria Worm Disinfectant

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No-Planaria - 50 grams

worm disinfectant

Benefits: Keep Planaria away without harming shrimp, fish, and plants, Safe and biodegradable,Planaria control in 72 hours.

Ingredients: herb extract


During the treatment, you should not feed your shrimps.

Remove carbon filter prior to dosing and wathc out the dissolved oxygen.

take out of planaria body after dosing to avoid amonia.

dont overdose

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  • 5
    No planaria

    Posted by Robin on 10th Sep 2021

    Worked as indicated, recommend this product. We had a bad case of these little buggers...

  • 4
    Killed off the planaria

    Posted by Azntactical on 1st Feb 2021

    Well, I did the calculations for my 55gal tankday1: 4 spoons, day2: 2 spoons and day3: 1 spoon. Got most of the big ones, but the little ones still survived. I ended up putting 2 more spoons into it to finally see them all die. Water smelled like amonia and did a 50% water change and gravel vac cleaning. All fish still alive, plants still alive and my 1 shrimp still living (assuming my 5 others died from planaria). Would of been 5 stars if i didnt have to put a bit more meds in. Staff reply: The directions are general guidelines for treatment of "X" volume of water. Not all tanks have the same level of infestation. Some tanks are really bad off. With mass die off also comes odor. The odor is not from the No Planaria but form your die off. Having to add an extra spoon for intense infestations would be PAR for the course.

  • 5
    no planaria review

    Posted by Dustin on 23rd May 2019

    After 24 hours most of the planeria were not visible. After 72 hours none were visible. The cherry shrimp are doing well even the new babies. The Nerite and Assassin snails on the other hand all dropped the tank floor and died after a few days.

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