Glass Inflow Lily Pipe with Acrylic Surface Skimmer - 17mm


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17mm glass inflow lily pipe paired beautifully with acrylic surface oil skimmer. Designed to remove aquarium water surface scum effectively.

  • 360-degree inflow design allows water flow from all directions without clogging and convenience in cleaning.
  • 17mm outer diameter fit the canister filter tubing of 5/8" (16/22mm). 

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Jamal 6th Apr 2020

Immediate Difference

Been having trouble with a lot of surface scum from organics and Co2 build out of my inline atomizer. This cleared it up right away. Took a bit of time to get it dialed in using the pipe flow and my inline flow valves. My canister was taking in a lot of air as I had it 100% skimming the top. But wow, zero scum after a few minutes, traps any floating plants or food, and added a nice balanced surface agitation. Definitely recommend for any setup.

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