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GLA (EDTA+DTPA) Micromix Aquarium Fertilizer - 1lb Jar

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GLA (EDTA+DTPA) Micromix Aquarium Fertilizer - 1lb Jar
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GLA EDTA+DTPA Micromix - Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

  • 1lb/Jar
  • provides EDTA+DTPA: chelated iron (Fe), chelated manganese (Mn), chelated zinc (Zn), boron (B), and micronutrients to aquarium plants.
  • Our EDTA+DTPA Micromix, is the best aquarium plant fertilizer to nourish your aquascape with Fe, Mn, Zn and B and other essential micros. The super fine powder is evenly ground to a uniform consistency with exceptionally fine texture.
  • EDTA+DTPA chelant is appropriate for use in acidic/soft aquarium water with lower pH or higher pH alkaline water. This EDTA+DTPA is a stronger chelator, or sequestering agents, intended to last longer in water as pH fluctuates or increases. The chelators keep iron in the usable form for plants.
  • Boron aids in nutrient utilization and regulation, Copper is important to reproductive growth and root metabolism, Iron is essential to chlorophyll formation, Manganese assists in breakdown of carbohydrates and nitrogen metabolism, Molybdenum helps with nitrogen use, and Zinc is essential to sugar regulation and plant growth.
  • Micronutrients are vital to plant survival, growth, nutrient regulation, metabolism, reproduction, carbohydrates, sugars, chlorophyll development

Deficiency Symptoms: bent or twisted leaves, yellow edges, delicate discolored new growth

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Chelated Iron (actual) (Fe) - 7.0%
  • Chelated Manganese (actual) (Mn) - 2.0%
  • Chelated Zinc (actual) (Zn) - 0.4%
  • Chelated Copper (actual) (Cu) - 0.1%
  • Molybdenum (actual) (Mo) - 0.06%
  • Boron (actual) (B) - 1.3%
  • EDTA (Ethylene diamine tetraacetate) - 42%
  • DTPA (Diethylene triamine pentaacetate) - 14%

How to dose GLA EDTA+DTPA Micromix in your planted aquarium

Learn everything you need to know about aquarium plant fertilizer, plant nutrients, optimal nutrient levels, and diy fertilizer dosing methods: Dry Fertilizer Calculator and Fertilizing Methods

Expect an increase of 0.05ppm Fe per every 27 milligrams (equivalent to less than 1/64 tsp) GLA EDTA+DTPA Micromix added to your 10gal aquarium to yield:

  • Fe 0.05ppm
  • Fe as EDTA 0.03ppm
  • Fe as DTPA 0.01ppm
  • Mn 0.0143ppm
  • Zn 0.0029ppm
  • Cu 0.0007ppm
  • B 0.0093ppm
  • Mo 0.0004ppm

Customer Reviews

4 reviews

  • 5

    Love these micro fertilizers by GLA.

    I switched from the EDTA version and wow what a difference. I was an amateur to basic water parameters but now that I spent all of 10 minutes learning I now have the best fitting micros my tank has ever had. Cost effective, and I feel this one single jar will last me a year easily.

  • 5

    I would give this 10 stars!

    This new micro GLA has works better for my waters chemistry. EDTA strongly holds iron in solution up to pH 6.0, but by pH 6.5, almost one-half the iron is precipitated, and by pH 7.0, almost none of the iron is available to plants. DTPA is an excellent iron source up to media pH 7.0; however, 60 percent of the iron is precipitated and unavailable by pH 8.0. You get the best of both in one micro!

  • 5

    Top shelf micro

    This micro is really really good. I finally have deep rich greens that stay vs fade away at the end of the week. My reds are peaking with luminous red and it stays vs fading away at the end of the week. This micro is extra complete like nobody else is offering. Containing both EDTA and DTPA ensures long lasting nutrients in the my tank and my plants are paying for themselves with all the clippings Ive sold lol.

  • 5

    Great so far

    2 weeks in and plants are doing GREAT. The jars are perfect.

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