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Cal Aqua Labs Oracle Drop Checker


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CAL AQUA LAB's Oracle is designed with elegance and exceptional functionality. Unique to the Oracle is a small white column at the center of the solution chamber. The white background of this column facilitates precise color identification when observing the solution color in the checker; this contrast ensures accurate measurement of CO2 levels in the aquarium, at a glance.

Observing the solution color in a typical CO2 drop checker can be difficult if the checker is placed against a dark background or in front of plants. The background color(s) can interfere with an accurate judgment of the solution color. For this reason, the white center column of the Oracle was created, for definitive color contrast and color identification. For aquariums that do not require the additional contrast, the center insert can be carefully removed.

The Oracle is hand-crafted using only the highest quality, laboratory-grade, borosilicate glass for maximum strength, durability, and visual clarity. Each piece is unique.

Wide neck design for easy solution filling.

Use to measure CO2 levels at-a-glance.

Features a unique white center column for definitive color contrast and identification.

Wide air-water interface area for faster response time.

Ideal for aquariums 30 gallons (120 L) and larger.

Approximate size: 2" x 2" (W x H)


One (1) Bottle of CO2 "Indicator" Solution (4dKH) (15 mL)


2 Reviews

Amy Stuart 3rd Feb 2020

The Best!

This is my 4th drop checker and my 3rd Cal Aqua Labs brand. I can confidently say that the Cal Aqua Labs drop checker is the highest quality drop checker made. I promise you will never find nothing nearly as high quality as Cal Aqua Labs. Super high quality glass and awesome packaging.

Brad 28th Feb 2019

Cal Aqua Labs Oracle Drop Checker

This drop checker is easy to use and easy to install. I have a dark backdrop on my tank and so the white indicator column is quite helpful for accuracy. I think this drop checker and those that offer a reference solution are quite similar. Having a reference solution can be handy, but this drop checker is small and unobtrusive.

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