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Aluminum Inline CO2 Diffuser

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Our aluminum CO2 diffuser is designed to be installed outside of the aquarium, inline within the outflow tubing of your canister filter, either below the aquarium or mounted to the aquarium glass. This diffuser is capable of 100% dissolution of CO2 in the aquarium water, creating a fine mist readily absorbed by plants.

features aluminum body that easily comes apart for thorough cleaning

features a replaceable ceramic tube so that you can ensure lifetime use and performance

mount outside of aquarium inline within outflow tubing of canister filter

select to fit tubing size 12/16mm ID/OD or 16/22mm ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter)

Creates a super fine mist of CO2 bubbles, bubble size is less than 0.1mm diameter

Important Instructions...

This professional quality diffuser requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.

Must be used with Green Leaf Aquariums CO2 pressure rated tubing only, not for use with silicone or other brand tubing. Tubing must be acid resistant and rated for high working pressure. Compatible with all tubing sold by GLA.

Handle diffuser carefully, do not touch ceramic. Install and remove tubing carefully.

Do not use with bubble counter fluid or other bubble counter oils. Fill bubble counter with water only to avoid contamination of diffuser.

Monitor and clean diffuser regularly.

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Diffusers are not warranted against improper use or handling. Please read all important notices listed above prior to purchase and prior to use.

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  • 5
    Aluminum Inline Diffuser

    Posted by Charly on 7th May 2019

    The quality of the materials used in this diffuser really blow me away. It feels like something that was designed with function rather than cost of production in mind.

  • 5
    Aluminum Inline CO2 Diffuser

    Posted by Robin on 14th Mar 2019

    Quality, materials, construction and design are top notch. Superior to any plastic inline diffuser hands down. No issues with install, love that I can see when to clean it, as well as being much easier to clean. As advertised, only micro bubbles if any. I would buy again without hesitation.

  • 5
    inline diffuser

    Posted by Carey Cottle on 17th Feb 2019

    I have a 200 gallon planted tank and need to diffuse a lot of CO2. This metal diffuser is much better than the plastic one I had before and does a good job. Good quality.

  • 5

    Posted by Dmytro Shevchenko on 17th Jan 2019

    I have used by all the plastic inline diffusers on the market. They all break at the threads or incoming co2 nipple eventually.. Finally GLA is the first to make an aluminum one!

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