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We would love to help you select custom pieces of wood and rocks to create an aquascape to fit your planted aquarium vision. We can chat through email to determine your needs and vision, and we will email pictures and dimensions of natural aquascape decoration. After you are happy with your selection and its all final, then we will send you an invoice and ship your masterpiece. Also, we can discuss aquarium plants and special order you any aquarium plants you like (subject to availability).

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Alex Morgan 24th Feb 2019

Nailed It Again!

Like in my River Wood review, GLA nailed what I had in mind for Seiryu stone. I sent a couple photos of mountainscapes that I wanted GLA to mimic. They sent me back a couple photos of their arrangement, which met all my expectations. They simply weighed the rocks and provided me with the amount in lb to order off their website. All of the back-and-forth with GLA was done through email, and they were always prompt to respond.

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