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Blair thompson 29th Jan 2020

Top Shelf hardscape supplies

I had GLA create an aquascape with riverwood and sieryu stones. I cant be more pleased with the process and end results. GLA will work with you using there aquscaping DOJO and provide you photos of hardscape they create just for you. You have to email them to obtain this service which takes some time, but you get one on one with GLA and you get way more then what you expect when the box lands at home, I know I did. My next tank being 180g will be certainly filled with GLA aquscaping River Wood.

Mike Santos 4th Jan 2020

Excellent hardscape supply

I found this wood to be of excellent and rare quality find as you dont find this type of wood everywhere. GLA was cool enough to work with me on specific pieces I was looking for. I found it best to contact them because they have a warehouse full of wood of several types. I chose river wood to mimic a more nature style aquarium. So glad I found GLA for my hardscape needs. Im 100% coming back for more.

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