Red Lava Stone - $3.75/LB


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Price is $3.75/LB, minimum purchase is 4 lbs.

Beautiful porous rock for planted aquarium or cichlid tanks. Porous surface area helps beneficial bacteria to colonize and improve tank conditions.

Listing photo is for reference only, these are not the exact rocks that you will receive.

Want to see your rocks and driftwood prior to purchase? We can help you create an aquascape masterpiece!

GLA would love to help you select custom pieces of driftwood, rocks, and aquarium plants to create a beautiful planted aquarium aquascape. We can chat through email to determine your needs and vision, and we can email pictures and dimensions of natural aquascape decoration. Just let us know if you would like help creating a custom aquascape, email us at or send us an email through our contact form.


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