Qanvee Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

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  • The Qanvee aquarium bio sponge filter is a cost effective, multi-filtration sponge filter for use with your planted aquarium or shrimp tank.
  • It's storage compartment may be used with a variety of filtration medias, including: mechanical, chemical and biological filtration media. (filter media is not included, purchase what you need separately)
  • Popular filter for planted tank and shrimp keepers and breeders.
  •  Connect to an air pump to increase the oxygenation in your shrimp tank, for improved shrimp health.
  • Exposed sponges provide ideal surface to cultivate high density nitrifying bacteria, for biological filtration.

Available in sizes:

QS100A - 100g filter media capacity (recommended for tank under 15gal), Sponge Diameter: 1.89", Sponge Height: 3.30", Height of Filter Chamber: 1.37", Filter Chamber Volume: 100ML / 3.38OZ, Telescopic Tube Length: 7.67” - 10.82”

QS200A - 200g filter media capacity (recommended for tank over 15gal), Sponge Diameter: 2.36", Sponge Height: 4.25", Height of Filter Chamber: 1.77", Filter Chamber Volume: 200ML / 6.76OZ, Telescopic Tube Length: 7.67” - 10.82”



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Daniel Wong 27th Jan 2020

Shrimp Perfect!

I finally started finishing my shrimp rack and needed filtration and saw GLA now carries these! I was blown away and quickly ordered a 10 pack for my shrimp rack. These filters pack massive filtration. Easy assembly and the sponges are really high quality which was important. I really like the added media baskets. These are fantastic!

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