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Free GLA Substrate Fertilizer Capsules - promotion added to cart with orders $200+

Glass Plant Pot

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Be inspired to try something new and mount a special aquarium plant directly on the glass. Made of high quality crystal glass. Pot bottom features permeable holes.

Green Leaf Aquariums GLA Custom Hardscape
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GLA Custom Hardscape


Custom Hardscapes start at $100, contact us to get started! Hardscape Creation Process: GLA would love to help you through the process of creating a custom aquascape. We have a beautiful selection...

Green Leaf Aquariums GLA GRO Aquarium CO2 Regulator
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GLA GRO Aquarium CO2 Regulator


GLA GRO-series CO2 regulators are built with superior & innovative components for CO2 precision and lifetime CO2 distribution. Our GRO series CO2 regulators are designed to last you a lifetime of...

Green Leaf Aquariums Talawa Wood
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Talawa Wood


Price is $50 per piece/branch, select the number of branches/pieces needed for your aquascape. The listing picture above is for example only, these will not be the pieces you receive in the shipment...

Green Leaf Aquariums Glass Feeder

Glass Feeder


easily push the spring top of the glass feeder to dispense food granules into top of aquarium water surface without mess or touching the food easy to fill and dispense glass aquarium feeder for fish...

Green Leaf Aquariums Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R
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Cal Aqua Labs

Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R


Substrate enhancer for planted aquariums. Multi-R supplies the substrate with slow-releasing micronutrients and bioavailable iron using a unique extended-release technology. This helps maintain the...

Green Leaf Aquariums GLA Super Check Valve
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GLA Super Check Valve


GLA Super Check Valve permits flow of CO2 in one direction only. Use with a pressurized aquarium CO2 system to protect your equipment. Compatible with our GLA CO2 resistant tubing.

Green Leaf Aquariums Glass Planaria Trap Pen
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Glass Planaria Trap Pen


high quality crystal glass 3 hole planaria trap pen effectively and efficiently trap planaria to reduce population in aquarium tank planaria enter holes and become trapped in glass tube without...