Glass Planaria Trap Pen


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  • high quality crystal glass 3 hole planaria trap pen
  • effectively and efficiently trap planaria to reduce population in aquarium tank
  • planaria enter holes and become trapped in glass tube without ability to escape
  • trap catches planaria, leeches and flat worms

2 Reviews

Liam Deberry 12th Feb 2020

Perfect catch pen

This pen has been terrific at catching all sorts of different parasites. I got this to catch planaria but to my surprise I caught a variety of flat worms and round worms. No complaints!

Steven Morrero 1st Feb 2020

Works perfect!

I got this as a means to remove all the flat worms in my tank. I found this to be a great alternative to chemical warfare in my tanks. It takes a couple days to get good and full of flat worms and other types of parasites Ive found. All you have to do is keep the pen going until you notice it stops filling with parasites. Once you dont see any worms for 2-3 days is ok to remove. Cool trap!

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