GLA PRO-DS Aquarium CO2 System (Dual Stage)

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GLA custom CO2 systems provide planted tank hobbyists the CO2 essentials and monitoring equipment they need to grow a successful planted tank. Our extremely reliable CO2 equipment allows you to focus on what's important, growing & enjoying your planted tank. The GLA PRO CO2 System contains the following equipment:

GLA PRO-DS Aquarium CO2 Regulator (Dual Stage)

GLA PRO-series CO2 regulators are built with professional & innovative components for CO2 precision and lifetime CO2 distribution. Our PRO series CO2 regulators are designed to last you a lifetime of planted aquarium enjoyment. We design and hand build our CO2 regulators in the USA, our business is founded on providing lifetime CO2 technology and CO2 distribution excellence.

Professional grade dual stage regulator body

Dual stage regulator reduces source pressure in two steps to eliminate fluctuation in working pressure, as pressure drops in CO2 cylinder

Multi-stage stainless steel micron filtration inlet and outlet

Laser precision metal-on-metal valve seat. 

Integrated pressure relief valve (PRV)

Custom precision GLA needle valve

Pro-class solenoid valve with ‘cool touch’ technology keeps the solenoid cool to the touch during operation

Custom GLA bubble counter with advanced filtration and check valve to protect internal components of regulator

Dual gauge (tank volume and working pressure)

No end-of-tank dumps

We are confident that our modular series GLA CO2 regulators rise above and outlast the competition

Custom built, pressure tested, and leak tested in the USA

Our business is to provide professional quality CO2 regulators and systems to the aquarium hobbyist and to specialized CO2 applications seeking the best CO2 equipment available. We design our CO2 collection with pro-quality pneumatic components to provide an extremely reliable, long-term solution for CO2 distribution. Our CO2 experts build each regulator to order and provide longterm customer care for each regulator shipped out of our distribution center.

Installation: CGA320

Output Pressure: 0 - 140 PSI

Tank / High Pressure: 0 - 3000 PSI

CO2 Cylinder + Check Valve + Permaseal + CO2 Tubing

Select one or two 5lb aluminum CO2 cylinders to meet your needs. Cylinder ships empty.

Check valve permits flow in one direction only.

Brass permaseal provides a permanent seal for the connection between your CO2 regulator and cylinder.

CO2 resistant, high pressure rated tubing. This is not silicone tubing, with our tubing no CO2 will be wasted. Quantity: 10 feet

Shipping & Lifetime Warranty

Current lead time of 1-3 business days. Orders ship in 1-3 business days.

We do not accept returns on CO2 regulators or CO2 systems.

GLA modular series regulators are covered under a LIFETIME warranty.



5 Reviews

Edward Ortega 29th Mar 2020

Worth every penny!

Fabulous co2 system. This GLA DS co2 system replaced my old kit that was only two years old until it fell dead on a Friday. I contacted GLA that evening and had my co2 system in 2 days. Upon arrival I was totally amazed at the build quality,packaging and service. Dont wait like I did, go with GLA from the start. It was super nice working with them directly especially being a legit USA based company. Love my GLA co2 system!

Scott L. 18th Feb 2020

Excatly what I wanted from GLA

So glad to finally have a GLA co2 system for my 60p. This system is flawless, from packaging to installation process. The regulator is very well built and the needle valve is solid. GLA complete co2 system purchase was no brainer. GLA is a full service co2 system specialist shop with fantastic prices, albeit not the least expensive, but then again what low cost item every lasted? Just remember your buying a complete system from a reputable company who knows there stuff. Working with GLA has been a treat in comparison to who I was dealing with before. And they are located in Florida, the sunshine state!

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