GLA Manifold Blocks - New Edition

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Our GLA GRO & PRO-series manifold blocks make it easy to expand CO2 distribution to up to five aquariums. Each block contains our custom built-in needle valve and bubble counter to direct supply of CO2 to an additional aquarium, independently.

DISCLAIMER: GLA manifold blocks are proprietary to GLA GRO, PRO, PRO-SS, & MINI-SS series CO2 regulators exclusively, these blocks will not work with previous GLA models or third-party regulators.



2 Reviews

Barb 15th Mar 2019

Manifold blocks

I have 3 of these hooked up to my GLA regulator. All doing a great job. I wanted the best regulator on the market and to me GLA is the best. And the fact that you can hook more than on aquarium up to this system is totally awesome! All three of my tanks, 15, 40 and 65 gallon are doing great. Absolutely love GLA products!

Friedrick Siegmann 11th Mar 2019

Great to have as a backup

Things happen and I damaged the GLA needle valve.

Marco got out two of these for me in a matter of hours.
Came in second day and could not be any happier.

I only need one block for my cal reactor, so GLA put end plugs in both and sent on stage screw lengths too.

Put on one of the new blocks... problem solved.

Thanks for all your help!! GLA's customer support is second to none.


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